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  1. I'm sorry your going to have to help me here was that sarcasm ? Yes... You don't use punctuation at all, which makes your posts hard to read...
  2. @ william (I'm going to note that you don't use punctuation)
  3. Heroes started off great... The Stan Lee cameo was a great WTF moment... It declined a bit towards the end...
  4. I think that saying that the 3rd season had less "science-jokes" or "science-fiction refferences" is an overeaction. Probably because people don't like the Penny-Leonard relationship and it clouds their judgement... For me, the 3rd season is by far the geekier! And by making fun of creationists, it won me over by the end of the first episode... I can debate anyone that says the 3rd season is "less geeky" or "less nerdy", point by point, and if I do, it my well prove that the 3rd season is geekier or nerdier than the previous two combined...
  5. Everybody can relate to characters of the series... That's why it's so popular. You all see a little bit of yourself in Sheldon because he is the defining standout of the series. So, yeah, I see a tinny bit of me there as well (particularly in the comic books obsession department, though I don't like the Flash and Green Lantern, I'm more of a Deadpool and Hellboy guy). Some people are bound to see a lot more of themselves in the character. Now, if I had to pick a character of the show that is more like me, well, I'm like a 6'4" 280 pound male Leslie. Or a drunken Raj...
  6. I'd like to know too, even though I don't think they come out my size!
  7. Yum. Chimichangas, extra spicy...
  8. Of course I have! Have you ever woken up next to a person you didn't know and all you could remember from last night was up to the 8th drink?
  9. I understand you completely. For the first time in my life I decided to buy the original DVDs (usually I just download movies/shows using torrents, don't want to spend money), but this I have to have in it's original form, and I have to have 'em all :D. Yeah, BBT is kinda like Pokemons in that way! LoL
  10. I think Raj is the top punchliner of the cast...
  11. I think it was the one where Raj and Howard go goth, the one Sheldon tries to housebreak Penny... I watched the whole series (up to that point) all in the weekend after that episode...
  12. ...and Raj. And Leslie wasn't that bad either... Come to think about it, they should just add the Gilda character to the series now...
  13. About two thirds of the third season are excellent. One third is plain good. You're in for a treat...
  14. When you've watched THIS twice because the first time you watched it you found it fascinating? Now, I know this counts! (w.n.: When Lawrence Krauss talks about "not liking the Big Bang Theory" during the Q&A everybody laughs. That's because he says "Yeah, the Big Bang [Theory writers] got the science right, but, you know, those guys are geeks and they're supposed to be geeks and we're supposed to be geeks because we're scientists and... We're really... Not!". Then the audience laughs their @ss off because he's just spent an hour talking about the Physics of Star Trek and there is a slide of Kirk and Spok behing him on the screen!)
  15. When you eagerly expect the full DVD collection with creator and cast commentary? Does that count?
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