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  1. can anyone tell me where the sense is in having Zack in the show as Penny's B/F this is the same Zack she said was "stupid" at the end of season 3 so she's sleeping with him!! a number of people have said season 4 has been poor up till now and I've always disagreed but this show's that sadly the writers are fast running out of ideas you can only say it's due to Kaley's leg for so long sad very sad
  2. I'm sure we would all like to wish Kaley a very happy birthday (it's not nice to say how old she is)
  3. it seems season 4 starts on Nov the 4 here in the Uk so we should only be 7 episodes behind the US
  4. Hi she was in season 4-1 till 4 then she had her misshap with the horse I think she has only missed 2 shows but she is back taping now
  5. I'm sorry I just don't see where "the show kind of sucks now" is coming from yes the end of season 3 was a bit mixed up what with the break up and all, but season 4 has started off great again things have had to change with Kaley breaking her leg but I think the show is as good as ever.
  6. I think the show had to change as the show is about 5 people not just 4 geeks and a girl and I for one think the show is as good now as it's always been and it go's to show how the show as grown that the last show was still great without Penny (poorly leg) but thank god she is now ok and back taping the show
  7. unlike the train wreck relationship she is in now with Frenchie she did try and keep her relationshop with her costar private but all anyone had to do was go on her fan site as people were talking about it over a year ago!
  8. Hi in season 4.1 he had a lot to say so if the rest of the season is the same Raj should be ok and come on a lot
  9. Glad to see Kaley is now out of hospital word has it she is being allowed to use crutchs by the end of the week
  10. william

    kaley cuoco

    at some point I'm sure she will show up in a cast as she did in 8SR when she damaged her knee
  11. well due to Kaley's broken leg the show has been stopped for 3 weeks and who knows they may wait till she is ok before starting again they can only rewrite so many shows without her
  12. And if you could even get the name right "it's KALEY" you would see the show would not work without her
  13. it seems she has a cast on but it is only up to the knee but as taping of the show has been stopped for 3 weeks lets hope she may be able to take part later as x20mandor said they did it in 8sr
  14. not sure of the details but the little bits of news I've seen say Kaley Cuoco has broken her leg and is in hospital anyone have any info' it seems she fell off her horse:icon_cry:
  15. over here in the UK we have 3 episodes lift so by mid July we should be finished to
  16. I'm sorry but your just a silly person who is taking the p...
  17. I would change your pills if I were you they are affecting your eye sight
  18. Wow all your dates look like Penny good for you and she's not a stunning blonde are you blind or just high
  19. Yes it sounds good till you take off the rose coloured glasses and it could say look at the beautiful blonde I have time to release a record and before I'm shot down again I've always said what happens away from the show is up to themselfs. But in the past Kaley has made sure her boyfriends were away from the spotlight if she could she was going out with Johnny Galecki for close on to 2years and people still say they were not but if they start posting photos on twitter they can not expect privacy as before
  20. Where are theses pics? twitter.com/iamfrench
  21. Hi Kaley is on her hol's in Maui with Mr French, by the photo's on tweeter a good time is been had by all. Saying that they may be back by now.
  22. Hi you could be right in an ideal world each episode would be like the show '24'. But as you said or your mom said you have to fill in the blank's, yourself it also help's the writer's if they leave thing's unclear, so they can bring people back later if need be, just look at Penny and Leonard clear as mud that is. I think with the P/L thing it's also to give a small crumb to the P/S lot give them something to talk about
  23. Thank you I had hoped we would be doing something like that, episode 18 was on tonight not one of the season's best.
  24. I'm sorry your going to have to help me here was that sarcasm ?
  25. Hi we've only just seen episode 17 The Precious Fragmentation this week in the UK this episode was pure gold and is close to being the best yet sadly I've found out what happen's in episode 19 (Bloody Wil) I think in season 2 when Leonard was trying to woo Penny their was a lot of will they won't they but now it's more of when will Leonard win Penny back (please note I did not say if)
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