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  1. That was hilarious. Jim - "There's no kiss. Spoiler alert! There's no kiss. ButthereissexNOtheresnosex." XDD
  2. Yeah, thank goodness for that. During my years in a normal, public school, I was never beaten up, but being very gullible, I had a lot of verbal abuse.
  3. Do any of you recall how it was to read the lotr books for the very first time??? to me it was one of the greatest reading experiences. I was something like 14 or so at the time and the book was the best fantasy I've ever had. -these days, I find the books a bit tedious, I'm sorry to say... This is my first time reading the book. Also, I'm 14. Yes, this is definitely the best fantasy book I've ever read. No question. :D
  4. I generally don't watch Anime, but one I really loved: Code Lyoko.
  5. did you get the elton john jibe in the time machine episode? -it was quite hilarious! I mean the time machine does look like something elton john would drive through the everglades, which are the swampy areas near florida, if I'm not completely mistaken... I totally caught that.... And I watched the scene over and over again. I loved that ref...
  6. This picture will make your eyes pop out. Then your eyes will proceed to fall out. And your jaw will fall off your face. Only one picture, sadly, but one picture that strongly suggests Sheldon's a robot after all. http://www.rollingstone.com/files/content/mounts/sambamount/images/CULTURE/GALLERY/2010/Fall_Television/jim_parsons.jpg [just posting a link rather than the direct picture because.... BECAUSE.]
  7. Sorry for the double post... but. You know you're addicted to The Big Bang Theory when you only suddenly realize you're starting to dress like Sheldon, double shirts, messenger bag and all. I did suddenly realize this while walking on the beach. I tried not to burst out laughing at the thought.
  8. I'm currently regular and active on 5 forums. Two Elton John forums [i'm a fangirl, did you notice? ], one Big Bang Theory [this one, duh], one for the gifted program of my school [we're a very tight community], and one TalkCSI [all the CSI forums in one place]. lawl I'm crazy.
  9. I've just finished reading Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring. I seriously need to find the other two books!! That was a brutal cliffhanger!!
  10. I find myself to be like Sheldon in many ways, but admittedly, not to such an extreme. For example, I'm arrogant and quite sure of myself, because for me, nothing is impossible, just difficult or improbable. I find that I am indeed picky with my food. I always alternate between cereal [Honey Bunches of Oats] and a fried egg sandwich for breakfast. I don't like it when the ratio between cereal and milk is out of balance, and I don't like it when my mom cooks the egg because she can't fry it exactly the way I want it. For a time I was put out about my egg sandwich because we switched to whole wheat white bread, which required me to add more butter to the bread. I'm pretty bad at keeping my things organized, but when I do organize, everything has a folder, from my school archives to the files in my flash drives [in which you can find literally hundreds of folders under folders]. I believe I'm going to end up dressing like Sheldon [with the exception that I always wear jeans] because I was recently given a messenger bag that I actually squealed about... :D I am somewhat socially inept, in the sense that I have difficulty dealing with people [normal people, especially, since all the kids in my school are super-intelligent as well as crazy, so I am learning no social skills here in high-school...] I can interpret what people mean to say sometimes and I can detect sarcasm [except with my parents, who use it to such an extreme I cannot distinguish them], but while I find my jokes and pranks brilliant, most regard them as unusual and plain strange. Oh yes, I also have Asperger's Syndrome [at least, by self-diagnosis], and people think I'm crazy. Well, I'm also self-proclaimed crazy. Oh, there's the difference! :D
  11. I agree with the poster above! That has got to be the funniest for me :D
  12. I did a fangirl shriek looking at that picture of the date. LOL. I found it to be hilarious and I wonder what they're going to say! Oooooh, dear, I do hope they don't throw away the good geeky stuff, though!!
  13. I think she has just gotten older, is all, and being around different people. It's kind of hard to explain, but you might know what I mean; she's hanging out with these guys who are so much smarter, and in one sense or another, more mature, it might have rubbed off on her throughout the seasons. Also, she has changed her hairstyle from straight, down hair to more complicated hairstyles with curls and all. Notice that she has bangs [that cover-hair on the forehead, gutter-minds,] in the first season, which is generally seen as a childish look, as opposed to the way she has pulled that hair aside in the 3rd season.
  14. I admit, while I enjoy *looking* and *observing* how a SheldonxPenny relationship would work from different perspectives as these two are such polar opposites that the ship name 'Paradox' is a perfect description, I disagree with it's likelihood. So I comment. It's not going to happen. But it's hilarious to start hypothesizing how in Mount Doom Of Mordor's blazes this could work. Like most ships, they're things you like to see as the characters tease each other and otherwise interact, but it will almost always be a nightmare should the writers actually attempt to make it canon.
  15. Actually, it's just the gifted program that is full of nerds and geeks. It's pretty exclusive, since it branches off of a cyber charter school, which is also rather advanced [by roughly a whole grade ahead of surrounding NORMAL schools, making the gifted students 2-3 years ahead; some 8th graders are taking college-leveled courses]. And if you visited us, believe me, you would be frightened off. There are only certain days when we veteran students won't eat the new ones. [because you see, it's called the "Advanced Ideas Center", AIC, but we changed it to "Asylum for Intelligent Crazies"] There's a briefing. :D We are all roughly as smart as the characters of the show, really, we're just crazier. A few of us are even comparable to Sheldon, but we just have gifted kids here, not prodigies. You see, I'm not giving my school name because that's my privacy, but I may email it to you... or something. Okay, sorry, I have a tendency to bring things off topic. A lot. Forgive me, moderators. ANYWAY-- I think the reason I can't think of anyone is that none of us have even a remote desire to be like the normal person, nor do we have concern for physical appearance. We judge each other based on intelligence, talent, and humor. And none of us are prodigies either. So, this rules out: any character even remotely normal [Penny, Kurt], any character that desires to be normal [Howard, Raj, Leonard, Stuart], prodigies [well, Sheldon]. We also rule out the obnoxious or the plain annoying: Leslie Winkle [who is consistently abusive to Sheldon] and Barry Kripkie [also harassing Sheldon]. And what's left? Nothing. Meh.
  16. It's true that they dropped Leonard*Stephanie without explanation, which was rather annoying, because I liked Stephanie. [What do you know, I am like Sheldon.] However, if you watch The Plimpton Stimulation, there was a small line where Howard said that he broke up with Bernadette [who I also liked] but he didn't want to say anything until the time came [and therefore decided that when he saw Dr. Plimpton, that was the right time for him].
  17. If I'm not mistaken, The Wheaton Recurrence was my first episode. Looking back on it, I could tell why when I saw it, I was confused and intrigued at the same time. Other than that, I also remember that the person who recommended the show to me is the only person who watches the know that I know.
  18. Strangely enough, I attend a school full of nerds and geeks, yet I can't name a single one that reminds me of any particular Big Bang Theory character.
  19. Noooope. Have you ever managed to write a decent essay in ten minutes?
  20. When you find you have a tendency to avoid sitting on the left side of the couch, because that's Sheldon's spot, not yours.
  21. Yuck. Not a fan of Mexican foods. Dumplings? Malaysian ones, with MEAT [sorry, I'm almost a carnivore].
  22. It's actually pretty hard to decide between the seasons, although I must admit, most of my favorites come from season 3, even as a newcomer.
  23. Ths why I siad his uncle/Granddad lol :D Riiiiiight... This might be why I'm failing English DESPITE my intelligence. I can't read very well.
  24. Sheldon Cooper + Raj Koothrappali + Leslie Winkle -- Leonard Hofstadter - 22 Sheldon Cooper - 24 Penny - 20 Raj Koothrappali - 24 Mary Cooper - 17 Beverly Hofstadter - 18 Missy Cooper - 17 Howard Wolowitz - 20 Leslie Winkle - 13 Stuart - 13 Kurt - 11 Alecia - 13 Romana Nowitzki - 9 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Dr. Gablehauser - 9 Kripke - 0 - DEAD!
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