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  1. No I mean weird to see him little! Hehe
  2. When I first saw this thread I was like :| Then I saw the link and I was like :D Then I watched it and I was like :\
  3. Yeah but it was nice to have the appearance don't you think?
  4. Ha ha this was NOT rape. If you want to see a depiction of actual female-male rape watch forty day forty night.
  5. This is one of my favourite episodes. So funny! I totally agree with Steve.
  6. I choose not to watch the show as I do not support people like that. Television isn't real. I watch SVU but if one of the writer were actually a rapist I would stop watching so I fail to understand what you is attempting to say.
  7. I have large breasts... that was just mean! But yeah, I agree! I love myself a hairy man! No I mean I think they is over rated. I don't despise large breast lol.
  8. Twilight Large breasts Boys with no chest hair Proactive
  9. Yuck! Pizza from a proper pizza oven..
  10. Hmmm I hope no one is offended by the way India is depicted. But I'm sure people aren't that over sensitive.
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