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  1. No I mean weird to see him little! Hehe
  2. When I first saw this thread I was like :| Then I saw the link and I was like :D Then I watched it and I was like :\
  3. Yeah but it was nice to have the appearance don't you think?
  4. Ha ha this was NOT rape. If you want to see a depiction of actual female-male rape watch forty day forty night.
  5. This is one of my favourite episodes. So funny! I totally agree with Steve.
  6. I choose not to watch the show as I do not support people like that. Television isn't real. I watch SVU but if one of the writer were actually a rapist I would stop watching so I fail to understand what you is attempting to say.
  7. I have large breasts... that was just mean! But yeah, I agree! I love myself a hairy man! No I mean I think they is over rated. I don't despise large breast lol.
  8. Twilight Large breasts Boys with no chest hair Proactive
  9. Yuck! Pizza from a proper pizza oven..
  10. Hmmm I hope no one is offended by the way India is depicted. But I'm sure people aren't that over sensitive.
  11. Lol Knight you'll be plunked in front of the telly!
  12. Sorry for saying sorry! Wait...Whoops. Tee hee. Thanks you for kind word! I believe in kindness being answer. I apology because sometimes I feel like I must frustrate people with my stupidity.
  13. Thanks you! Apologies, only been speaking English for short time.
  14. Yeah I mean Sheldon despises lusts of the body. I can't see him 'walking around with goofy grin on his face.' Also, because he is 'always right' he would never let take advantage of him in ANY way, let alone coitus!
  15. In Australia, BBT is on Monday and Tuesday.
  16. Sorry, that doesn't fit in with Sheldon's character at all.
  17. http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-750.html Also check out wiki at top of page! Hope this help. :D
  18. Thank you PO15KA, now I understand what they is talk about! Hehe
  19. Hey Bill! I'm planning to study History, Philosophy and Politics at university, I would love to hear some of you work!
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