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  1. I'm annoyed at his pay rise. What's the moral of the story? You can threaten your wife with a knife, you can buy hookers, you can be a horrible person but you can get paid two million an episode! Disgusting.
  2. I totally agree! I love their funny little conversation
  3. Yuck! Howard's mother's briscuit?
  4. Yuck! (Sorry hehe) Roast lamb?
  5. Ha ha...I don't get it. :S But I DO enjoy the smell of cheesecake. :D
  6. Penny is a cheesecake scented goddess.
  7. Is this bad thing? Does this mean different writer?
  8. Yum! Spaghetti with chopped up little hotdogs? :D
  9. I thought this be fun way to get to know each other! Basically, you say a food and the next poster says 'yuck' or 'yum' and then they post a food! Ex: Cheese Yuck Okay, I'll start. Banana Yum! Spinach
  10. Thank you so much Rose! Juicy..
  11. I agree, she's a cheesecake scented goddess.
  12. They are cuter than Ross and Rachel...Then again, Rachel sure had some sexy pins...
  13. I think that every sitcom is somehow unoriginal. How can they make a Penny/Leonard relationship entertaining on telly if they don't have ups and downs?
  14. It's so Howard to assume it was perfect hehe
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