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  1. She sure is a stunner, great character on Two and a Half Men!
  2. I love that Sheldon looks exactly the same! How Sheldon ha hah. Howard looks hilarious.
  3. I think that there are always going to be similarities if the same person creates two shows or books. I loved that episode by the way! I do think BBT is an improvement on Two and a Half Men's episode, so maybe he's improving with experience?
  4. I love Judy Greer! Very excited for this episode.
  5. Welcome! Beware though, there's a lotta Howard love in me
  6. Don't fill him up with junk food!
  7. Cutest episode! Don't you just want to cuddle Sheldon?
  8. Penny and Leo-Nerd are already broken up. (Loved that episode...Angie hehe.) I originally really wanted Penny and Sheldon to get together, but now I think that 'divorced child' thing is quite sweet. I don't want Sheldon to have a love interest, it would spoil his character. Like others said, perhaps an interest to procreate or maybe a mild crush on Penny but more than that I couldn't handle! That episode with the girl who was obsessed with him really annoyed me.
  9. Hey! I just watched every single episode of BBT...I've just gotten out of hospital and if there was more to watch, I wouldn't go back to school tomorrow! Hehe.
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