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  1. One of the things, beside the lack of time, that made me move away from this forum is how intolerant some of you are with the changes of the characters. They are human, they should change like we all do, that's life and that's what make the show able to survive year after year. Sheldon is becoming more social, that's a fact, which doesn't necessarily means he will stop being himself !

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  2. sorry of being repetitive but i really would love that someone explained to me why in the hell Dooneese is supposed to be funny ?? :icon_mad: its just SO filled with prejudice. and the worst is that that i discovered that is a recurrent character. Please, Steve Wiki Man, enlighten me, lol

  3. Being a big fan of Saturday Night Live I saw Betty White on SNL and found it histerically funny, I just thought the Dooneese sketch was mean with people with phisical disabilities on the opening act or I didn't understood all the references. What do you people think ? It was agressive ? If no, what references i didn't get ?

    ps: "Pork Bun" is a american sexual slang ? LOL i didn't get too

  4. The show now airs in the US, Canada, India and will air in the United Kingdom :)

    Actually Tripper, I believe that the show also airs in Mexico in "Canal Cinco" (channel 5) local network by Televisa Media, dubbed and I think its on season 1 besides in cable on warner channel and CBS. :D

    Yes, I see BBT sometimes in Brasil on Warner Channel. Its on season 3.

  5. I don't think Raj meeting Charlie Sheen was in this category. Charlie didn't try to suggest that he was the character from Two and a Half Men, he was just Charlie Sheen.

    I agree, and Charlie Sheen is more likely to be seen in the cover of People than Charlie Harper, lol

  6. Thanks you! Apologies, only been speaking English for short time. :)

    Why apologize ? I am not a native and you are always so sweet to everyone. I don't like when people apologize when is not needed, puts the person as inferior or something like that, i don't like

  7. What is Metalanguage?

    meta from latin means "limit". Its when the language discuss itself. A book about writing, a painting representing the act of painting, a movie about the history of cinema ...

    When its not languague you may say its self-referential (in countries which speak portuguese we say meta referencial)

  8. In my way back home today I remembered two great examples : when Raj meets Charlie in the bar, and when Sheldon, Penny and Leonard see on the tv the anime, which soundtrack Charlie made (with his nephew's help, lol). Both play with the fact if the plot of Two and a half men and The Big Bang Theory were not fiction, chances are that they might happen simultaneously.

  9. The simplest explanation is usually the best. We don't see all the conversation between Leonard and Penny, and I think it's simplest to assume that she mentioned the man-feet thing at some point during the conversation but we didn't see it. It's also likely that during their months together she mentioned that she uses nail polish to hide her man-feet and Leonard was teasing her just a little bit.


    The Wiki

    Ok we could also assume that but remembering its a tv show, lol, and knowing that this all was written, I do think Chuck was playing with a common mistake in fictional narrations that is changing the narrator-character to a omniscient narrator.

    If it wasn't fiction i would agree with you.


    Steve's Archenemy

    ps: just kidding, I like you, Steve o/

  10. Metalanguage have always been one of my favourite subjects on Arts. It plays with the limitations of each language, when for example a cartoon character says "i need more space" and the lines of the comic strip are too close to him. In the last episode occured a great example of that :

    Penny : How did you know he said that ? You left the room

    Leonard : Hey, you want me to finish working on your man feet or not ?

    Leonard couldn't know too she had said that she have her dad's feet before he entered the room. Does someone noticed another metalanguage examples on other episodes ? I just start wondering that, if i remember another i post here

  11. Yes I noticed. I am actually very much into European Royalty and have been reading and studying about them for over 30 years.

    Are you a historian ? Cool ... I am doing journalism but recently I decided to change to history,which I probably will begin to attend next year

    I am actually a mental health therapist but I also have a degree in European History which has become just a hobby for me now. What ty[pe of history do you want to study?

    What i would love to study is something that linked history to the society, how art was used in politics, or how the common sense of what is art changed, something like this

  12. Yes I noticed. I am actually very much into European Royalty and have been reading and studying about them for over 30 years.

    Are you a historian ? Cool ... I am doing journalism but recently I decided to change to history,which I probably will begin to attend next year

  13. I am not from USA, so i don't get really what is syndicate a serie. Can someone explain to me, please ? I do understand this way the show have more time on tv, but not sure why

    The Big Bang theory is owned by CBS one of the major networks. Under syndication another network and TV station can now broadcast the reruns of the show. CBS will still air the new shows each Monday night but another network can now display the old shows beginning in 2011.

    Thank you Bill o/

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