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  1. Pilot was not actually good, and i didn't want to continue the show, but my friends said that it will be better afther two more episodes... The rest is history
  2. Best part was Bernadette acting the voice of Howards mother, and Penny's dad talking about her boyfriends
  3. I forgot to say, the web cam in teddy bear that Howard gave to Penny is his best thing ever!!! Crazy idiot
  4. I like the non slut Penny, but it would be ok to have Gilda character. They should at least make her a guest star
  5. Charlie and Sheldon in the same sentence?! I mean,i love them both, but please, don't scare me like this again...
  6. This show is getting better and better!
  7. In Croatian forums we always have argument British vs US humor. I prefer US,because it's more modern, less "ugly"(i mean the whole way of the humor),and British glory is based of old glory,in the 77' and 80'ths... Also, hilarious humor of Malcolm in the Middle, Big Bang Theroy and other modern sitcoms is not seen in British ones, at least by my opinion. What is your opinion?
  8. Yeah that was all done pretty sloppy. Also,they suddenly thrown out Bernadette without any explanation until now
  9. But Leonard's brother is a lot taller than him. I don't know about the sister
  10. One of heavily Sheldon centred episodes, not bad, but i don't like when other characters are not used in the episode
  11. Best episode of the season, i hope "shamy" is here to stay!
  12. I am glad that Bernadette is back! PS subplot with Raj and Sheldonj is hilarious!
  13. I don't like the idea of Sheldon dating,at least not for a long term,one or two episodes ok
  14. The Simpsons where the new experimental show and Fox gave them 12 episodes... Most series have more than 20,often 22 or 24 episodes... Why did first season have such bizzare number of episodes?
  15. Doa lot of people know Japanese laguage in Korea?
  16. Thanks man, but please, next person who puts on a list, put also 9. The Pancake Batter Anomaly(S1E11)
  17. As i said, making a plot of Raj being with Bernadette,and he and Howard have a fight...
  18. We have a lot of time before new episodes come,and i would like to see what are yout 10 best episodes? Mine are: 1."The Luminous Fish Effect"(s1e04) 2."The Staircase Implementation"(s3e22) 3."The Panty Piñata Polarization"(s2e07) 4."The Grasshopper Experiment"(s1e07) 5."The Barbarian Sublimation"(s2e03) 6."The Bozeman Reaction"(s3e13) 7."The Hamburger Postulate"(s1e05) 8."The Vengeance Formulation"(s3e09) 9."The Codpiece Topology"(s2e02) 10."The Pirate Solution"(s3e04)
  19. I liked the boyfriend of Penny, but that was all... Poor finish...
  20. I would like Penny and Leonard back... Raj to have a girlfriend, maybe even Bernaddete, him and Howard will then fight for a couple of episodes...
  21. I liked the early days, latter it just became bad, taht guy instead of Eric,no Kelso... My God, no Kelso!!! And Eric was a potential, latter he becomes a loser,and i didn't like it...
  22. The show is rapidly declining in season 5...
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