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  1. If you follow this twitter there are a lot of links to interviews on comic-con! https://twitter.com/BigBang_CBS And I promise you they are hilarious!
  2. I stumbled on a pilot episode that was never aired. There was a girl named Kathy instead of Penny and the female scientist was played by another actor. They were living in a different apartment and there were no sign of Raj or Howard. I'm glad they didn't choose this one because it is not as good as the final series at all, much more rough and not at all so subtle and sweet as the one we are used to watch! Has anyone seen it? What did you think?
  3. It feels like a very long time. I agree! But at least there is a season 4! I love this series so much and all the characters in them, Chuck Lorre is a pure genius! Questions: Why don't we have love-smiley and what does Triple Bell Ring mean?
  4. It was really nice to read all your interesting ideas for a continue! One thing that almost everyone was suggesting was that Penny and Leonard should be back together, and I agree, they really should! The cutest couple ever!
  5. sienna

    Sheldons Linux

    I don't know the number of the episode ( I know...it's bad) but when they took the train trip I thought it looked like Linux, Ubuntu when we saw a very short glimpse of his computer screen! It made me happy and I really felt a connection to this adorable geek, Sheldon, because that's what I'm using! But isn't Ubuntu geeeky enough?
  6. I'm from Stockholm, Sweden!
  7. Ah. this is fantastic! In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have believed there actually is real stuff to buy! Love it, love it, love it!!!!
  8. I'm a big fan of TBBT and I'm so happy I finally found this forum! I didn't know about it until a couple of months ago but ever since I've been totally hooked!
  9. I speak English and Swedish and I have learned German in school but...hm...not so much!
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