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  1. yeah... great add-on. keep them coming.
  2. I would like to see Penny get her first real acting job on the show as a contestant on a new reality GEEK show with the boys joining in. This could introduce new female characters and get the boys some really good laughs. Penny gets hooked up with other geek on the Reality show and wins based on her knowledge learned over the years with the boys. At that point she realizes her love for Leonerd and uses the L word. I love the parts of the show when Penny uses her new found Geekdom lingo in her everyday conversation. I really loved the Penny/ Leonerd hookup. I think its about time for the Geek to get the girl for a little more then a season. It could have worked for a while. I would also like to see a FLASH FORWARD of Leonerd and Penny with family of little geeky kids that resemble Howard and Sheldon. post other ideas. I know the guys at CBS read this forum as well. Maybe one of our ideas will get written into the season.
  3. Well, that would suck if she left. the chemistry between the cast would fall apart. They tried to introduce other female cast and quickly realized the error (Alicia from upstairs). Kaley needs to remember how she got where she is. leaving in the prime of the show would be bad news. You never realize what you have til its gone. She's great on the show and should stay for a while. If she does leave? the replacement would have to be exceptional in every way and the chemistry would have to be their or the show would simply loose viewers. She brings an edge to the cast and a diversity to the genius humor we all love.
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