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    Amy looked kind of cute to me at first. She certainly was not the 'pretty_looking' type of girl, but at some scenes she actually looked very nice. As Amy's character developed, that kind of cuteness slowly faded out. Now she looks just ugly and creepy to me. I can't find any beauty of her from inside nor outside.
  2. I now come to understand how perfect Leslie was as a female character for TBBT, thanks to all the "girl scenes" that are not about geeks nor laghter. I wonder if they can clear out all the female characters they messed up till now and just bring Leslie and Sheldon's sister back in the show, like just for one episode or so. I want to see how they would lead the show and it would be refreshing.
  3. I didn't like the ending of this episode either. I expected Leonard to face up his old nightmare and show that he's now more than a shy little nerd stereoype, but they just made him ran away from the bully leaving him as the typical nerd stereotype. The main reason TBBT is getting loose is because there is no development whatsoever on neither the characters or the plot. When they got tired of exploiting stories from 4 nerds and 1 blonde girl, they threw in other female characters but that just made the show louder, not better. Only development I've seen in the show so far is the one about the relationship between Penny and Leonard, and that's even gone now. Raj still can't talk to girls, Sheldon can't maintain a normal social life and Leonard can't get himself out of the standard nerd model. I'm not saying that the guys need to grow "out of nerd", but they need to grow up and become more detailed characters rather than showing same action/reaction based on simple characteristic tables.
  4. I don't mind her appearence nor her personality but the way she is played in the show is just creepy and poor. I agree with ThreeLions. They are using Amy overly often. She was kinda cute and elegant at first, but now she's just sad to look.
  5. yeah there is a 3 player chess board but it's not like that of the show. its checker pattern swrils into the center of the board like some tornado. i dont know how that works as 3 player chess but it sure looks cool.
  6. Actually, romance can be very funny. However the thing is that romance is not very well presented in TBBT. In the very start of the third season, Penny and Leonard began to go out with no sense what so ever. (Well, they did some foreplay in the last episode of the second season but that was not enough, was it?) Then they suddenly break up. Same thing happens with Howard and Bernadette. There is no logic applied to romance appearing in TBBT. No wonder it's never funny or interesting.
  7. I enjoyed the episode, but it hurts to see Raj having day-dream about Bernadette. I hope it was just for this episode. Otherwise, things will be too complicated for Raj and Howard. That could be an interesting content for the show but still I wouldn't want to see it.
  8. I think the major problem here is that the writers seem to have hard time coming up with funny episodes which does not involve Sheldon being arrogant and annoying. Look at the episode guides for first few episodes of the forth season. They are all about Sheldon doing something abnormal and the other guys dealing with it. So far, there are only two or three episodes that does not include Sheldon's name in the episode guide. I do really love Sheldon, but I dont think the writers are handling his character effectively. The show needs to be focused less on Sheldon and more on the group. Also, it would be great for the show and the characters if there could be an understandable(and acceptable) change in Sheldon's characteristic. Just a little change will reduce Sheldon's drawbacks and make the character even more attractive.
  9. yanumga

    Sara Rue

    i dont know about making Leonard jealous, but I do think that pairing her with Raj is a very good idea! They could make a cute couple, since their characters both get easily lonely and are somewhat needy. If Raj is ever going to get a girlfriend, the character of Sara Rue qualifies.
  10. This episode was really good. there was a great balance among the characters and scenes. considering it has been a while since BBT showed signs for turning into "the Sheldon show", I think it's a good thing that they are regaining the balance. I also loved the shot where Sheldon and Amy held their hands together. I don't care whether if their relationship develops into a romance or not, but I do really like that weird (funny) bond between them. It's something very close to the soul of BBT. nerdy and abnormal.
  11. I think the ambiguous friendship between Sheldon and Amy is actually their romance. I really liked the part where Sheldon said "that's the most pragmatic thing anyone has ever said to me". It's fun to watch how romantic words and situations get replaced nerdly(and Sheldon_likely) in their relationship. Though, I wouldn't mind little progress between them, either. I have to admit that it would be also funny, in other way.
  12. Just finished with this episode. I agree! three girls really make a great combination. Bernadette and Amy have different type of weirdness which get along pretty well. Also I think this is the first episode for Amy to be a character of her own and not Sheldon's girl(who is a) friend. She was kinda cute when she said "I am a girl" repeatedly.
  13. I think Penny and Amy will make a great combination. Just the thought of two girls being in the same scene makes me laugh. Maybe there could be an episode where Penny takes Amy out for a shopping and tries to teach her some of things that Penny thinks a girl should know(and of course eventually fail:icon_mrgreen:) There are a lot of scenes where Penny treats Sheldon like a weirdo, but she never really tried to fix him. Though I think the case would be different with Amy, because there is something called 'sisterhood' and Penny is not an exception from it. (maybe amy is though.) Im sure it will
  14. Is it me or are the writers more focused on making Sheldon funny than describing detailed friendship between Sheldon and Leonerd? Yes, of course, Leonerd had taken good care of Sheldon in all past episodes, but I dont really see friendship in there. It's more like taking care of a child whose parents are gone for some reason. You don't like it, you are not responsible of it, but you just have to do it. And still, Sheldon calls Leonerd his "best friend". Sheldon is a great character, but he is also a very annoying person to have as a friend. I don't understand why Leonerd is 'friend' with Sheldon. I know it is required to keep the show on, but would it hurt them to just add more detail on it? I really hope to see more about those two in next season.
  15. My thought : You are the greatest Leonerd/Penny fan I've ever seen. Now just relax a bit more.
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