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  1. At the end of season 3 leonard was upset with penny for "using him for sex." I expected it would be mentioned in season 4, like penny would apologize or something.
  2. Smcfan42

    kaley cuoco

    Does anyone think that the role of penny will be given to someone else since kaley will be out for so long?? I hope to god no.
  3. It looks like, to me, she got painted at one of those expensive tanning salons in B. Hills. That or a different camera lense to make her glow ! I really don't think she has blossomed. Her shirt on the bottom is just more revealing.
  4. Smcfan42

    Season 3 DVD

    how is sheldon so short on the cover. Did they chop his legs off???
  5. In the season 2 episode where a new blonde moves in, there is a scene where sheldon and leonard enter the apartment building and see the new girls boxes sitting by the elevator. Sheldon says"Oh great, the new ones, THERE HEEEERRRREEEE." What is that from......Poltergiest?"
  6. She looks slightly childish in the first few episodes. I compared her in season 1 to 3 and she seems to have a glow to her in the last season. I just can't figure out why.
  7. Not to the extent of Leonard so much but enough to be a turn off for the guys she used to date. She has already built up a slight nerdy side. Barely but it's there. I just Think it would be an interesting concept.
  8. ............I wouldn't call it strange......I'm not gay I'll get that out of the way(got nothing against gays either) I've just always been shy. That's all I want to say about that... People say I look 16 not 25
  9. Smcfan42


    Does anyone have any idea what status is of penny and Kurt? In mid season 2 she tells Leonard that she thinks Kurt has changed and they are going out. You don't hear about it again. Does she still think he is a good guy?? I think there should be some closure.
  10. Smcfan42


    It pains me to wait so long for the next season
  11. I just thought it would only be faIr for her to eventually know what Leonard 'tried' to do for her. She goes out with Kurt and as far as I know she doesn't say anything about it again.
  12. In the episode where penny is having money problems, leonard tries to get Kurt to pay penny the money he owes. Later on penny tells Leonard that Kurt gave her the money back and she thinks he's really changed and they are going on a date. Am I missing something or does penny never find out the truth about Kurt and that she got the money back because of leonard?? Cause I really don't remember.
  13. I just thought that from the way the audience reacted to him saying that, there might have been a meaning to what he was saying that I hadn't caught onto.
  14. sorry buy I don't see how that answers the question.
  15. Does anyone know of any websites with good bbt fanfiction. Please no penny and Sheldon!
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