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  1. I am starting to have a love/hate relationship with Season 5. What I loved in this episode were Sheldon and Spock, they were just brilliant, watching the scenes with them just made me feel like I am watching the early seasons. And as horrible as it may be, I didn't miss Amy's character at all, it was actually refreshing for me to watch one episode without her. And what is happening to Raj?! Making him gay all of a sudden is just awkward, too sudden and completely not in line with his character. Overall, this season to me is markedly different than the previous ones, and I find that unsettling. I know that the show is evolving, and that other people like it, and that is ok. I guess nothing can be perfect forever (except early seasons of TBBT, at least to me) .
  2. I just started to watch Season 5 and I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed. Now in saying that, I have to add a disclaimer that this is my personal opinion, and that I do understand some other people do not share my thoughts . I started to like Amy in Season 4, she was a very good secondary character which actually added some "freshness" to the show. But the key word is secondary, and I do agree with some of the people here about not really liking where the show leads us regarding her and Sheldon. I agree that the show is becoming more of a relationship drama that what it previously was - "The Big Bang Theory". And the whole non-physical relationship idea between Sheldon and Amy is impossible, considering Amy's constant "sexual" advances at Sheldon. And if Sheldon stops being an "asexual" character, which is one of the core features of him, the whole concept changes, and Sheldon stops being Sheldon as we know him. And what about his professional life?! He is a genius, working all the time, theorizing and thinking, but we see no improvement in his work, no stories about their lives as scientists, nothing. And I have to add, what's with the "feminisation" of Raj? Ever since Howard's character got involved with Bernadette, Raj is completely being destroyed and his "feminine" side is becoming way too pronounced and a bit cheesy. As for Stuart, I feel quite sad for him, they really made him a pathetic character. Maybe it's time something good starts to happen to him .
  3. I did not like Amy at all in the beginning, but when I watched season 4 again from the start, I realized that I actually like her. She and Bernadette are a refreshing addition to the story, but I personally would not like to see Amy and Sheldon together, at least not yet (although Sheldon's "She's not for you" reaction to Leonard having a good time with Amy clearly indicates he has some possesive feelings about her, which could be his freaky way of sensing some romantic attraction). I cannot imagine Sheldon in love. But I do agree with wayelrob that the writers won't be able to resist putting Amy and Sheldon in bed together. I just hope they'll do it so that the show isn't ruined after it happens.
  4. If you look at the The Bat Jar Conjecture from Season 1, he actually speaks in front of Penny without drinking any alcohol, I think he says "Great story" or something like that, after Leonard and Howard talk about Zod from Superman, and then covers his mouth after realizing what he just did. And there's no alcohol on the table, only food and water/juice. I personally would not like to remove mutism because it's really funny, like his inner monologue when he is "chatting" with Penny on the stairs (Season 1, don't know the name of the episode, when Sheldon and Leonard clean the apartment). I wish there would be more such inner monologues with Raj. And I agree that Raj would become a babe magnet if he could talk to women
  5. i don't think thats the case Sheldon's part of opening up gradually is understandable He always had friends Leonard, Howard, and Raj, now he's friends with Penny however, Amy said it herself she didn't have any friends if you were Amy and you never had friends, all of a sudden theres 2 girls that she can come in contact and don't toss her aside she had to eat with the janitor i mean if you were a loner all your life and all of a sudden you have 2 people don't mind bringing you along in their group wouldn't you try to fit in as soon as possible? also, she mentioned peer pressure and thought it won't ever occurred...peer pressure is when really junior high to high school time thats how far off she is that she never even had peer pressure I do understand your point, but I don't think that Amy's and Sheldon's childhood was much different. They were both outcasts, without friends and smarter than everyone else. And as for Sheldon, Howard and Raj themselves said that they are socializing with him only because of Leonard, and I don't see Sheldon as having much of a problem with that. Also, Sheldon is not really opening up, he is much the same as in the first season, and I don't think he'll change substantially by the end of the show. But as for Amy, on the other hand, I did presume she'll change, but just not so much so fast. I thought that her change would be presented with a bit more "finesse". Right now, all she needs is a makeover, and she'll be just like other women, with an occasional show of her quirkiness, which would probably disappear in the next few episodes. I don't know, I just cannot make my mind about her. But, that's my personal opinion. Maybe she'll grow on me with time
  6. I personally am somewhere in the middle when it comes to the opposing comments on this thread. I truly miss the moments with only the guys, at the university, in the comic shop, or in the apartment playing video games or eating and discussing various topics in their unique ways. And I miss Kripke and Leslie - episodes with them were truly hilarious (remember Perpetual Motion Squad vs. Army Ants :D, or when Sheldon was a guest in a radio show ). I agree that the characters do have to evolve, and I really like the Howard and Bernadette story - it would be really interesting to see how they'll manage to organize their mutual life now that they are engaged. But on the other side, I have a feeling like there are too many characters in the show at the moment - the guys, Penny, Amy, Bernadette and Priya, and it's quite hard to work on the quality of a character when you want to balance all of them in an episode. In my opinion, Penny is neglected in the last few episodes, which I also don't like. And I'm still confused about Amy, sometimes she's OK, but sometimes she annoys the hell out of me. For me, she just did not fit in completely yet, it's like they are still trying to find a place for her. I don't think that Sheldon and Amy will be a couple, and I would not like that. I agree with aprotosimaki - Sheldon should fall for a smart hippy humanities chick. That would be interesting, and she would be a great balance to his personality. Besides, Sheldon did not show any kind of attraction to Amy, and I would suppose that he would have all the physiological symptoms when he finally falls in love. After all, he's not a robot, or a violent sociopath . And of course people have different opinions about the show as it progresses and changes, it's human nature. And I don't see any hate in all the previous comments, on the contrary, these discussions are quite interesting :D.
  7. I personally liked her more at the beginning of the show, now it feels like she is trying a bit too hard to fit in with the rest of the girls. I thought that she'll be something like a Sheldon's counterpart in the ladies' group, and that she'll gradually start to "open up", but to me personally, her fitting in is too fast and a bit extreme.
  8. I had a crush on Batman. But when they substituted Michael Keaton with Val Kilmer and George Clooney, my crush abruptly ended (and Batman was totally ruined for me). The last two Batman movies renewed my faith in Batman, so I'm looking forward to the new one.
  9. I didn't like this episode at all. Amy's character was OK to me at the beginning of the season, but now, it's just what Sheldon said, I don't really understand what's going on with her. And the whole Raj story with the pills was horrible, I mean, a propensity to nudity as a side-effect was just lame. A really disappointing episode, only Sheldon and his chess game were good. The whole show is getting weaker to me by the episode, too many new characters, the story is watered down, it feels like they don't have a predetermined story path, they just struggle with the story episode by episode.
  10. I did not quite like this episode, and I have to admit, I do not like Amy. She just does not fit in the show, she's totally redundant, at least for me. On the other side, Bernadette's character is brilliant - the relationship with Howard is so funny and interesting, and I'm so curious as how that will develop in the future. They were the best part of this episode, and, of course, Raj. Raj is always funny and never fails, at least to me, and if the authors choose to "find" him a partner, I hope from the bottom of my heart she (or he - remember "ersatz homosexual marriage" :D) won't be similar to Amy.
  11. That's more of an alternate universe than a parallel one (RE: existing in another world with different parents). Parallel universes have fundamental changes (as S'chn T'gai stated); however, I do believe that relationships can be altered, depending on certain events culminating in your parallel past. Your character or state of mind, however, would remain intact (for the most part). Just think of Star Trek 2009: the parallel crew's personalities remained similar to their personalities in the original series; however, certain events caused shifts in career paths, relationships, etc. Star Trek reference FTW! Ok, so it is possible that my other selves live a (more cooler) life (than me) in their respective parallel universes ! And you're saying that there's a theory on an alternate universe, in which we actually do not exist (and probably our parents either)? Or I understood that wrong?
  12. I was just thinking yesterday - under the influence of Sheldon's character, of course - what my other selves are doing in their respective universes, better to say, which paths did they choose in their lives. But I have a question for other physicists here, since I'm not one and cannot fully grasp the question of those parallel universes - how come I can exist in other universes, since my mother and father probably chose different partners in those universes? And if they chose different partners, they I could have not been born, right?
  13. She doesn't annoy me, and she should be used more, but not so often she does become annoying. Howard's girlfriend Bridget is great, and isn't being used too much. Amy is annoying and should be used sparingly, or I'll get sick of her quickly. I completely agree. I find Howard girlfriend's character (but I think her name is Bernadette?) much more interesting than Amy's. And Leslie is brilliant!
  14. I agree completely. Sheldon is Sheldon, and he is supposed to act that way. But I also believe the show should focus more on others and the group as a whole, because then balance would be present and the show would be just like in the beginning.
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