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  1. Excellent episode! will be watching this a few times...
  2. LOL, you'd be surprised just what can happen when you've had a few drinks.. Trust me...
  3. I was also wondering about Raj talking so much, but on the second viewing I noticed he seems to carry a small flask with him now. And yes I always watch eps more than once, because you always miss stuff first time round. Some eps I've viewed 5-6 times they are so damned funny.
  4. I don't think they should completely remove it, but he should gradually be able to talk a few occasional words to someone like Penny, who is almost 'one of the guys'. Not full conversations, just a few words here & there.
  5. lol... I've been restraining myself from posting that word. FilesTube is good too... http://www.filestube.com/
  6. Yes because when something you love starts to go bad you should just walk away and not try and rescue it. I am a Stargate fan too, I enjoyed all of Stargate SG1, then came Stargate Atlantis which was great for the first two seasons, from S3 it changed course in a way I didn't like so I stopped watching. Then came Stargate Universe, I watched a few eps and quickly decided I didn't like it and stopped watching. Why bother watching something you don't like and aren't getting any enjoyment out of anymore.. As for 'rescuing' it, we have no way we can do that, we don't even know if 'they' bother to read forums like this.
  7. It's the best show on TV and just keeps getting better and more enjoyable. All of you who don't like it now are free to stop watching, nobody's forcing you watch!
  8. google hard, young padowan... it IS still out there Yes it is out there, I can confirm that, I've found it myself...
  9. Stephanie was Leanords girlfriends in S2 and Ramona was the creepy girl who forced Sheldon to do nothing but work. Ok, they were such brief characters I'd forgotten them. But Leslie Winkle I like and want back on a semi regular basis, as an irritant for Sheldon. Sheldon I can't stand, and like to see stumped by females, like Penny does so well.
  10. Have I missed an Ep or two? Who the hell are Stephanie and Ramona?
  11. So, don't watch anymore, and leave the rest of us to enjoy it! Any show I don't like anymore, I simply stop watching.
  12. Just watched it, hilarious, although all the Romcom haters will loathe it. I also think it's not just Amy & Sheldon experimenting with rumours, but Amy experimenting with how much she can manipulate Sheldon.
  13. So, do you have someone standing next to you with a gun to your head? No, then one is forcing you to continue watching are they....
  14. It's in the 4th season now, and if it had stayed the same with them not meeting and getting girlfriends, and they were still the same group who did their nerdy stuff, my god it would have become boring by now!! It had to have some changes and develop the characters, and what better way for them to evolve than to meet the girls and have those relationships, and go through all that.
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