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  1. I read the thread. I also understood it. Thanks. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  2. I don't think they act poor, nor have claimed to be. Leonard bought Penny a car. Howard is on an allowance because he is married and irresponsible with money. Raj has never complained of being poor. They eat out a lot. Have money to spend on their hobbies. Penny is a struggling artist. That has been true since the beginning. I don't understand the premise of this thread. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Weird thread. Kind of creepy. How many stalkers here? (joke. kind of.) I appreciate Mr Parsons as a fine professional actor making the most of the role of a life time. Parsons works as part of a team all dedicated to creating the best work possible. Parsons does not carry the production. He works within it. Well done, Mr Parsons. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  4. You remind me of a band fan who demands the songs they did 20 years ago and refuses to listen to the new songs. Meanwhile the musicians have moved on and progressed. They are left wondering why the fans are unable to grow with them. In truth, they are sick of playing those same old songs. The basic rule here is that the artist is always ahead of the fan. I believe the showrunner has made the correct choices. The characters have grown. Howard's sex obsession was becoming tiresome. Sheldon was going nowhere. Raj was unable to converse with half the population, limiting massive amounts of plot devices. Leonard was in danger of losing his value as a character. Eventually his obsession with Penny from a far would have seemed creepy. Penny has grown a little with the relationship. She was in danger of becoming one dimensional. Bernadette works well as both wife and judge of Howard. Especially in her witnessing Howard's relationship with Raj. Amy serves as the newer more pathetic past of Howard, Raj and Leonard when they were alone and ignored. Amy is alone in her relationship with Sheldon. While at the same time allowing Sheldon to grow. I have heard the Friends comparrison before but I do not see it as such. Although Ross and Rachel resemble Leonard and Penny. Joey is unrepresented. As is control freak Monica. There is no ditsy single blonde. Of course on any TV show one will see formulas used across many shows. Jokes are rehashed. I am enjoying the latest seasons very much.
  5. I am sad that in America someone with a full time job cannot afford a basic appartment. Perhaps her father helps with the rent.
  6. I love that Stewart has grown in prominence on the show. A very funny character. And every show can do with a shmuck like character. Classic Jewish comedy trope. I have always thought Raj quite pathetic. He has always been thus. Unable to speak to women. Awkward socially. He remains consistent. I am happy with the show's progression with the characters. Many people long for the early seasons. They exist on DVD. No need to miss them. Without growth characters, like real people, become uninteresting.
  7. Thanks for the explanations. What a judgemental fanbase this show has.
  8. Doesn't really answer my question. Billions of young adults have one night stands. So why all the fuss???
  9. What was so wrong about it? Why all the fuss?
  10. I thought it was funny with Penny and Raj.
  11. That would be funny. :-) As a couple? Too unrealistic.
  12. Hi Netmouse. Yes, sadly I am a musician. If only I'd become an oil tycoon..... I'd have a nicer car.
  13. Go MSO MD for creating a gig with a difference.
  14. Hmmmm, looks like the inspiration for this thread was homophobia and racism. Very distasteful, to say the least. Writers take no notice and simply continue. You are doing a great job. As the ratings attest. I once saw a letter in a drum magazine in which the author called Japanese kabuki masks Satanic. All an educated human can do is sigh. If however my interpretation of the motivation of this thread is incorrect, I offer my sincere apologies.
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