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  1. Letterman is terrible I'm sorry. But of course you can't deny his many dignified guest. and I have not watched that so I will now. Thank you.
  2. I really wonder if people from the show, Cast mainly if they observe this forum page. I'm sure Public relation people or maybe some of the behind the scene staff. but i'm talkin the stars!
  3. I watched my first episode when season 2 was on. I thought it was so terrible I changed the channel immediately... The show started just with the way they leonard and Sheldon talk. There was a Family guy episode where they made reference to the show, and even still I didn't understand why it was popular. So when Season 3 was on air I decided the watch it on tv again just to bug my wife. Thinking the show would annoy her (it did) but slowly I grew a passion and when I got to really learn the characters and why they talked the way they did I just couldn't get enough. Next step Season 1 dvd >< and beyond.
  4. Penny is gorgeous. Even when she looks like crap doing laundry. She has a very good chance at living a good life and not being one of the paparazzi scandalous types. Not yet anyway, until she does a movie or something. I hope she never lets the fame dilute her values and becomes a drug addict. she looks soooo healthy ><
  5. Ideally when they end the show is probably when we will know. We are constantly in suspense over there relationship and I think the writers are leaving us hanging. Thats perhaps part of the conclusion that is inevitable I think. Imagine this: Sheldon winds up with Penny! I know its a long shot but I thought she was going to kiss his forehead or something in season 2 when he was sleeping in her bed. thats funny there's a whole post about Sheldon and Penny together >< I'm going to read up and post there too, I still promote my inevitable conclusion. EI. Leonard and Penny
  6. Fifty


    throwing this out there, does anyone play FFXI lol. Its general chat so I don't think i'm out of line. I play i'm on the Server Valefor and guess what my character is Fifty!
  7. lol, She does wear new designs, thats the benefit of being an actress and i'm certain she gets to keep all the cloths. But I don't know where the show is located but i'm assuming LA judging by the styles and gear/cloths she wears. Some of the cloths could quite possibly be demo or experimental design, so finding an exact would be difficult, but in California you could find the style easy.
  8. I wish I was like Sheldon.... I do appreciate the comment from the original post, about how obviously his character is exaggerated but thats what keeps him on point. The show just gets better and better.
  9. for the purpose of the show there probably pretending to be online for the most part. But imagining what they would look up or what they do with the pc i'm guessing includes super hero data/stats or anime along with multiple tabs open including very technical information as well. Or basically anything because the internet is incredible!!!!
  10. I like Ra the rugged man. Lol, hes a rapper. Also my favourate video on You-tube is called 'My Uncle" by Ill Bill There both hip hop.... Other than that CCR., John Fogerty . Bon Jovi!
  11. I actually joined this thread for a very simple reason. I have been hooked on this show I cant get enough. BUT. I'm not a Wolowitz fan. He sucks. Issue #2 :Spoiler Alert: The start of the 3rd season when the cast returns and they all gave Sheldon false reports during his study in the north pole is absurd. Dr Sheldon Cooper's reputation hangs in the balance and his friends lie to him during the most important study he is assigned during the duration of 2+ seasons of the show.... and they lie to him? In the name of science? They give false data... Sheldon is so awesome, from now on I sit on the far left of my couch!
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