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  1. Sports are important part of culture. More prominent finns: -Linus Torvald, the maker of Linux. I actually met the dude when I was young. -REnny Harlin, the director of Die Hard 2. Married Geena Davis. Brilliant!!! -Eliel Saarinen, the world famous architect. But back to topic: I loved Flashpoint, but had no idea it was a canadian production.
  2. Animals respond to love. Now, if animals were just biological robots, they would not respond to love, any more than, say a car would. But since animals respond to love and other feelings too, they do have a soul! And with love, I did not mean the kind of love Catweazle used to have when he was a lad growing in a cattle farm.
  3. I love the picture quality when watching old VHS tapes on a brand new LED telly (samsung) I have these old rock concert videos on VHS and now and then I just plug me old VHS player to the telly and have a nostalgic rock session. And it really is amazing how the pic looks. I mean in the LED, the black is really black and not grainy gray, as it was in those old tellies. And with a bit of grain removal, the pic is very smooth too. And colours are more vibrant too. Boy, I'm really happy I have not thrown all of my old VHS tapes away. Or the VHS player.
  4. If it pleases the court, I have here two pieces of solid proof why those heathen cave paintings cannot be spiritual in nature. Firstly: Spiritual people are very egoistic. Fact. When spiritual people do spiritual stuff, they want to have a big audience. They want to be as visible as possible, and make as much noise as possible, while they are doing their spiritual stuff. So, would a spiritual person go to a very remote, dark cave to paint a spiritual mural? -I do not think so! A spiritual stoneage artist would do his painting in as visible place as possible, to attract a crowd. -The
  5. Aalto, as a disigner. Sibelius, as a composer Kimi Raikkonen and many others, as a formula drivers of great renown. Martti Ahtisaari, nobel peace price winner, for bringing peace. Tommi Makinen and others, for rally cross legends Sherminator, as a major pain in the butt
  6. I just found solid proof why the cave paintings cannot be spiritual in nature! -I will tell you tomorrow. But now I just have to say this: The best cave paintings in europe are so refined, both in technique and in style, that there must be a history behind them. -a complete art history, spanning hundreds of years. Because such fine art does not just appear out of thin air. Such fine art tells that there is an institution of art in the society. A system of masters and apprentices. A style, refined over generations. Also, the paints used are of such quality that it tells th
  7. BTW anomaly, here's something interesting you might try: Get a movie DVD that came out with the first generation of DVDs, in the year 2000 or so. now, get a DVD of the same movie that was made very recently, say, in 2011. Now, play those two DVD movies with same settings. Be amazed how different the pictures are, even though it is the same movie on both DVD:s This is because the older movie DVD was made for scart/composite using players, while the brand new movie DVD was made for HDMI using players and flatscreens. Blade runner is a good example to use here, as it is easy to
  8. Internet will bring us world peace! TOday, young people all over the world are connected via internet. -they know each other, and know that people are the same all over the world. There in no jingoism or patriotism in the young. Not the way their parents have them. So, in the future all mankind will be connected into a single whole, via internet. And nobody will want to wage war, unless it is virtual war in world of warcraft! Hooray for internet! Euthanasia? -well, people get extended life spans these days, and therefore, they stay old geezers longer. Dying at the age of
  9. many historian say cave art was very rare, and therefore sacred and special. They are imbeciles. Let us consider the facts: Specialists and historians agree that cave paintings we know are extremely well drawn. -they were made by people who knew how to paint, and who were extremely practiced and skilled at the art. This is a fact. Now, how did they became so skilled at drawing animals? -With practise. Lots of practise. They must have painted hundreds of cave and cliff faces, to get that good. also, there must have been paint making skills that were passed from mas
  10. NEver liked Veronica Mars that much. Bit too stuck up girl. -Miracle Falls was much better, but very similar to Veronica Mars.
  11. So! You know any good films or serials made in Canada, of all places??? -share your knowledge of Canadian television with us! I know one: Gavin Crawford show. Brilliant comedy show from very funny canadian. -totally worth watching. Mind you, it has some very rude gay jokes, so if youre overly sensitive...
  12. have you noticed that animals have personalities, just like humans? -take a litter of dogs: one puppy is extremely shy, other very curious, third will eat everything, and fourth is very corageous. same with cats and other animals. And those of you that have worked on a farm will know that cattle, too, have personalities. Cows, sheep and so on do have distinct personalities that help separate the animals from each other. -kinda strange, but true! So, since animals have personalities, they cannot be mere automatons.
  13. Anomaly, have you noticed that many movie theatres have replaced analog projectors with modern HD digital projectors? -to me that is rather worrying. You see, in those digital projectors the picture can be adjusted by the blokes in the projector room. Colour balance, intensity, level of black, all can be adjusted. And while there is the official calibration for those devices, I'm certain there is always one bloke on the theatre staff, who thinks he knows better and who is constantly fiddling with the projectors display settings to ge the 'best' picture... And this means that when
  14. although wether the cave paintings are real art is to be determined -to me, no. Lot of cave art and cliff painings were done for very utilitarian purposes. For example, here in finland, cliff painings were used as guide for navigating the thousands of labyrinthine lakes of finland, and marking fishing territories of different tribes. So, while some people think them art, I cannot agree. I mean are todays traffic signs art???
  15. Okay, a hard one here: Imagine you are at a beach, and your friend brings you a tall glass of delicious looking cocktail. You take a sip from the cool glass. And then realise the drink tastes horrible!!! Now what will you do??? Will you spit, or will you swallow???
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