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  1. I hate South Park, I'm not into it I don't know why.. The Office is like a documental type of show which I hate.
  2. I don't get the upgraded version of that rock,paper, and scissors. Anyone mind explaining?
  3. The only nerdy tv shows that I started to watch was TBBT which made me think that nerds are funny and I should start watching Star trek, Star war, etc seeing how the cast of TBBT watches it.
  4. Sheldon, Raj,Howard are all great characters but I would choose Sheldon as my favorite
  5. I'm new to this forum and just looking to talk about great things about BBT. My name is Micky. I became such a big fan of TBBT after watching all 3 seasons of the show. Sheldon would be my favorite character in the show because he's a amusing guy. Sometime he doesn't get along with Penny and she never get what's he trying to say. It's great that Ive found a forum to talk too all BBT Fans.
  6. For the Thread Starter: There's alot of rumors about celebrities you won't know which is true. I just saw those pictures of Mr. French and Kaley
  7. The Season Finale for BBT was quite interesting where Sheldon got a match online. After watching All 3 seasons of TBBT I was surprised that I'm a fan of this show now. Can't wait for Season 4 to come out.
  8. It's amazing how the last episode of Chuck went when Chuck flashes started to mess up and he rebooted his self by remembering what his dad said about him being special.
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