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  1. I used to work with a girl back in the day who looked and sounded like Leslie Winkle. This was back in the day when she was Darlene on Rosanne. I used to bug her about when she found time to record the tv show, and make it back to work at Burger King in Canada. She was the spitting image of Darlene...
  2. I was really happy to hear that he won. I was disappointed they did not recognize any of the other actors in any of the other categories. Like not even nominated. I am not sure if the show was up for best comedy either, but I certainly thing its funnier than modern family.
  3. One of my favourite lines (sorry I don't know the show names off the top of my head) was when Sheldon was helping Penny get dressed (when she dislocated her arm in the tub.). Penny said "Does that feel like my arm?"... Sheldon said "No", then Penny said "Well maybe you should let it go". Normally I find the science/technical stuff really funny, but this one really made me laugh.
  4. I know what you mean! I used to be into computers, and put together quite few. It was great unpacking all the component, and getting the smell of unused, oiled and latently powerfull circuitry. These days, I think not many build their own PCs. I mean laptops are the mainstay. I still build my own computers. I have a netbook, but I use my desktop for my photography and daily computer needs.
  5. New electronics... its the smell of something new and cool to you, you win twice. I used to work at an electronics store back in the day, it was great unpacking stuff.
  6. I actually thought this would have been a great reason to go to comic con. I am pretty nerdy, but honestly never got into comics. I really enjoyed the comic story lines, and the movies, but never enjoyed comics.
  7. I am pretty sure I heard of this long before the show was on TV. I remember when I saw the episode I was like... "Oh I remember hearing about that before". But I didn't see the episode till the DVD came out, so who knows...
  8. Personally I find there are too many shows on Mondays that I like... so changing TBBT to Thursday is ok, I will follow it. It will just mean I actually watch tv twice a week rather than once.
  9. Nebey


    I always thought she was too good for Howard myself... haha Howard is a cool character and all, but she is really cute.
  10. In the first Episode, I often thought that Sheldon was into Penny. The statement about Leonard not having a chance with Penny, and not being dissappointed when she said no could have been takes as Sheldon was interested in her, and thought he had a better shot at it. I quickly learned this was not the case. Personally I would not want to see Sheldon and Penny together, Sheldon and another woman would be comical, how-ever I could see Sheldon wanting Leonard to move out if Sheldon was in a long term "relationship", which would ruin a lot of the dynamic of the show.
  11. I think he wore them back in the day on Roseanne too. When he was married to Leslie Winkle's Character (Sara Gilbert's) Darlene. I too wear glasses, and thick at that, but I can see pretty well without them.
  12. Yeah I agree Raj is important, I think he just took a bit of a backseat due to all the relationships going on this season. I can't see them sending him back to India... too important...
  13. Did you notice that they have no lenses in them in some of the later episodes of Season 3... I am not sure when it changed to no lenses from lenses, but it was a bit weird to see without lenses. Its probably something to do with filming and lighting...
  14. Personally I found Raj as a character missing for much of the 3rd season. Especially the last few episodes. There were too many other story lines, and he kinda fell off into the background. To answer your question, I cannot remember him being drunk and obnoxious all season.
  15. I will try, I will be in fairly regularily... expert? well I have seen it a few times now, but just to help get others interested in the show. Penny needs a man? well personally I want to see her with Leonard, how-ever the show is good with them separate as well.
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