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  1. can't remember that even. but man is that gag hilarious. i mean making raj so insignificant. haha. just freaking hilarious!!
  2. PMed i'd like a link too please (he said with puffed up eyes trying to remind melyanna of puss in boots of the shrek movies)
  3. i searched the torents and other places on the net, but i have been unsuccessful in my mission. can anybody please give me a link to the TRUE unaired pilot episode
  4. just saw it all by chance. i randomly chose an episode from my torrent file and it turned out to be the one i wanted. but the scenario where raj is left alone happens once again or once before in which they all go off to a comic store leaving him behind on a seat sulking and awkward saying "i like comic too". Would you know that one by any chance?
  5. hi. greetings from Pakistan. i was sitting on my PC bored after working on .NET for 6 hours, when i remembered an episode in which raj was left alone. let me explain the scenario. penny comes over to their place for some reason and wants to sleep on their couch. they let her sleep there but sheldon advises her to keep her feet towards the door. and then leonard and sheldon go to bed and penny does too and the lights turn off and then the camera pans out to show that raj was sitting there the whole time and was completely ignored. and then he leaves and only the noise of the door closing registers to penny on which she changes her position so that her feet face the door. does anyone know the name of this episode??
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