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  1. Hi Yeh, i'm the same. I only tend to join sites that i'll actually use on a regular basis so that only leaves 3 for me. There's this one, One that i use for my car spares and advice at www.retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi and my hobby site which is www.ovalbangerchat.co.uk however i'm starting to go off that one as althougth its good for news, there's a few to many people getting a bit over the top with things unfortunately.
  2. Ah yes, i forgot about hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I have the books, film and original tv series. The original tv series i feel is far better than the film. The only thing you have to remember is that its is a sci-fi that was filmed in the late 70's/early 80's so aslong as you don't mind the awful attempts at special effects it is an awesome series. In someways, the awful special effects adds to the humour.
  3. I must admit the galileo qoute was the funniest i think i heard but i did also enjoy "oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch" I think as much as owt because i didn't expect it from sheldon.
  4. Depends how you look at it. It seems the flats are pretty cheap to rent in the first place. On many occasions through the episodes they'll make reference to the very "limited earning potantial" of the pysicists. The flat is shared as to share the rent however this is cos sheldon is saving money so he can buy all his favourite things, however none of them have been invented yet. I would say personally that althought similar, pennys flat does look smaller than the lads, althought not by much i'd admit. I must admit i echo whats said abopve too as a good friend of mine worked in a steakhouse over in the states for a year or so and she was comfortably taking home double her wages in tips most nights. A good waitress can earn a fair few bob by putting in the hours. I do like questions like these. The clues are in the tv series. you've just gotta spot them lol.
  5. Hi. I'm signed up to a few of these forums related to british comedies (Tho The Big Bang Theory is my joint fav comedy of them all only tied with Red Dwarf) And with most of them the cast an crew acctually have accounts and (although rarely) tend to come on every now and again. It just got me wondering if anyone knows if any of the big bang theorys cast or crew are registered here or if anyone knows if they ever come on just for a read?
  6. Ahhhh, a subject clsoe to my heart lol. It's one of the few things we brits can be proud of these days. The list of classic british comidies is really endless. Again the ones that spring to mind are "Dads Army" "Keeping up Appearences" "Black books and the "IT Crowd" I also echo the thoughts about David croft. Most of his stuff is excellent. Personally speaking i'd highly recommend "Red Dwarf" as its one of my all time favs. However i am also aware it can be a slightly aqquired taste. I'd recommend watching a bit on youtube before you go buying anything. Try something like "The gunmen of the apocolypse" or "Timeslides" As these shows show just how varied the Red Dwarf epsidodes were whilst still having the same humour throughout.
  7. I must admit i think the programme works so well cos there seems to be a real chemistry between all the actors. Like the way you can see kaley often start to laugh at the the lads but you get the feeling its real laughter at the scrpit. Not acted. I feel Sheldon certainly has the strongest character and a good chuck of the classic/extra geeky lines however i like the subtlety of Raj. He never really gets any in your face quick one liners, he gets the more subtle, quiet, awkward jokes. Like "the dumpling paradox" when Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are all having a conversation, go to bed, lights go out and the camera pans out to Raj in the kitchen making a sandwich. Or when he meets Missy, goes to talk to her at Pennys apartment, you know he's the one she likes but the pills wear off and he can only squeek at her. Raj is the man.
  8. These pics are awesome! I believe she's done another set of photos over here in the UKs version of maxim too.
  9. Other than TBBT i'm into a pretty wide range of things, I like "Mythbusters" and most history shows such as "Warriors" and "World at War" The closest "geeky" type programs i really like is "Red Dwarf" and "The IT Crowd" is also awesome. And who can forget "Pocoyo" There's few programs better to wake up to.
  10. Yeh i vaguely rememeber. think its in a later episode as the original joke had gone down so well tried it again However I'm sorry i can't remember the exact episode name for the other occasion that this happens. Do you know anything else that happens in that episode?
  11. If it makes you guys feel any better TBBT has always been on Thursdays over ere in the UK and the ratings have been non-stop on an up. So hopefully it shouldn't affect it. If you enjoy the show then surely you'll watch it what ever night its on.
  12. I've been watching series 1 over an over on dvd as i can't afford the rest yet lol so i believe that episode is called "the dumpling paradox" or something like that. And to throw a bit of geeky ness into it as well, I believe this was the most watched episode of the 1st series. Cheers! TC
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