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  1. The thing about that whole scene which made me laugh out load was when penny said "Really! still can't talk to me!" Yeap they totally had sex!
  2. I totally agree, Priya has shown a lot of disregard for Leonard; Making him wear contact lenses even though they hurt him badly!!. Not wishing to tell her parents about their relationship and the sudden finding out (2nd hand) that she's going back to India. but she IS the catalyst for Penny and Leonards reunion at some point in season 5 She was hot but I didn't get to hung up on her because I kind knew she wasn't going to be around long. Leonard at least had a spoon full of concrete in the final episode and hardened up enough to dump her.
  3. I have just accepted a job at remote minesite which means I will be rostered on for the first episode screening! Damn looks like I will have to wait a couple of weeks before catching it.
  4. Been away a while and wow 20 pages! I saw the final episode a month ago and I have to say that for me at least it wasn't that bad. Not great but not a show buster like some are saying. Some people seemed so shocked at the turn of events which surpised me, because I sort of picked the way it was going to pan out the moment Raj moved in with Sheldon. Will I continue to watch the show, yes. Do I still like it, yes. As for Penny and Raj I really don't have problem with it. Neither of them were in relationships and Leonard was in a quite serious relationship with Raj's sister. I would think as a mature adult Leonard would except the fact that Penny is free to pursue a relationship with whom ever she wants. The way it happened with Raj is probably not ideal, but really Leonard has no grounds for anger against either of them. As anybody ever seen the Brit sitcom coupling? After the reaction that this last episode has recieved I wonder what some people would make of that show. That whole dating a mates Ex is the premise for the whole show.
  5. Well as it is winter here in sounthern OZ the beach is definetly out! Cold windy and rainy.
  6. Sucky sucky epsiode! It was weird and laboured especially the Raj story line. I havn't minded the season so far but this one was a shocker. The only time I even laughed was the end with the chess game.
  7. The waltz the cab driver was reciting is the Blue Danube by Strauss. It is probably one of the most recognised waltzs and Strauss's most famous. That iconic piece of music was also used in 2001 when the shuttle docks with the earth orbiting space station. Sorry had to get my geek on. Liked the epsiode a lot, so much to laugh at. While not the best it is certainly up there for me. The star trek count down at the end was a hoot. I was a little confused that sheldon was quoting a orginal series epsiode but the screen layout was a Michael Okuda panel layout from Next Gen.
  8. Cause intellectuals definitely don't like romance or sex:icon_wink:
  9. It's this bitchy stuff that the season is building on that's getting tiresome. You just know priya and penny are going to be rolling around throttling each other before long. Yawn "Oh my god girl fight!" "I know you! Your stupid enough to break it up!"
  10. Yes I agree that story line in fasier was funny but as someone who watched the whole series recently, by season 7 the pining had become a bit tedious. The Penny / Leonard relationship has been central to the show and as the great Michael J Straczynski once said. "there has to be a pay off for an audience or you will eventually lose them " The only unlikely romantic scenerio that I see is the Penny Sheldon one that so many talk about. If that happens I will be out:icon_wink:
  11. 1) But isn't struggling with normal human relationships a part of struggling to understand the greater world? 2) After episodes like Zarnecki Incursion, does it seem like the geeks are giving up their geeky passions for the sake of relationships? On the contrary, Priya's trying to make Leonard give them up is being portrayed in a negative light - as it should be. Considering Priya is a plot device to make Penny miss Leonard and Leonard to choose between being changed and being true to himself, then it's not suprising nobody likes her. That's the whole point. Penny said to Leonard way way back in the season one time machine episode, that it was "the things that you love that make you who you are". She has been around the boys long enough to accept the geeky behaviour and not see it as childish as Priya does. As for the romance I would say that it is a bit of a generalisation to say that it is only the girls who aren't bothered by the romance and only the guys who are. This nerd isn't bothered by it at, all it reminds me of when I was dating. I do find it suprising that so many people hate the relationship aspect of the show when it was established from the very first episodes that that is what all the guys but sheldon wanted.
  12. Seinfeld. The characters remained the same. George and Elaine changed jobs a lot, but everyone's personalities were cemented and outside relationships rarely mattered, except for comedic value. The characters never "changed and grew" in the typical sitcom fashion. I find Seinfeld is and always will be an exception to the rule. Never really watched it. I always got the impression from what little I did see, each episode was more like a 25 min comedy sketch. Would that be a fair assumption?
  13. Melissa also shows up in True Blood! Season 3 I think.
  14. The only reply I can make to this is "Our babies will be smart and beautiful." Season one, episode one. Seems to me the basis of the show from the very beginning was relationship issues and romantic issues. My 2 cents. Dave And you left off Sheldon's reply: "Not to mention imaginary." Which shows that at that point, the nerdiness trumped any ability to have a romantic involvement. We need our nerds back! More comics! More Sci-Fi!! Bring back Lonely Larry and Captain Sweatpants! That's the good stuff. I despised "Friends", and I am starting to dislike BBT for the same reasons. + 1 Friends ran for 10 years and was one of the most successful sitcoms of the modern age. So if Big Bang is going to suck like that then I am sure Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre can live with that. Characters that never change and never grow are only found in cartoons.
  15. I agree. The writers are getting into the hang of all these characters. My 5 favorites in season 4 (in no particular order) would be Justice League, Toast Derivation, Benefactor Factor, Cohabitation Formulation and Love Car Displacement. Same as me, but I would add The boyfriend complexity and The Prestidigitation Approximation.
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