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  1. Mork and Mindy was killed after the first season when they moved its timeslot - ironically from a Thursday to a Monday. They did the same in the same in the UK intentionally to kill off Dr Who by putting it prime time Modays against Coronation Street or whatever was on at the time. Of course it was never going to survive that - Until it was brought back a few years ago with Chris Ecclestone/David Tennant/Matt Wright.
  2. I have seen some pictures of Kaley on t'Internet as we say in my part of the UK and it looked as if she has had some Botox done. I am not sure if people on these boards are mainly American - I have noticed some Red Dwarf references so assuming a few Brits but perhaps Botox is much more accepted over in the US. Over here, it is still a topic of conversation if a well known celeb gets Botox.
  3. The day Sheldon and Penny get together is the day BBT jumps the shark.
  4. Perhaps this has been asked before. I am not sure as I am new to these forums but I was curious does anybody know somebody else that is really like Sheldon? I had a work colleague, who is also a friend of OH, and he does have elements of Sheldon in him. The work colleague is a physics graduate and is very intelligent, he also takes things literally in a Sheldon-esque way and also has his little obsessions. The work colleague also has about the same level of social skills ad the same arrogance as Sheldon, and also has the same attitude towards relationships with members of the opposite sex. You really don't think people like Sheldon exist but they do. Of course the character of Sheldon is taken to extremes for comedic effect but there really are truthful elements to it. I love watching BBT for that.
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