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  1. I'll go with the ironic choice - John Goodman lol
  2. Agreed - English comedy is indeed the shiznit. Particularly Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson is far more funny when he has speaking roles) but Red Dwarf has definitely garnered more yuks for me than any other. How could one not be amused by an alley cat evolving into a stylishly dressed black dude? Chicken vin da loo, popadoms and a lager flavored milk shake.
  3. Ya I think it does cuz the string theory wiki is starting to make way more sense. It seems that wiki travels as both a wave and a particle according to quantum wiki theory and as it turns out, when the full 26 dimensions are considered, wiki energy = the number of php functions on your website times the speed of the internet squared. hazah!
  4. String Theory Demystified by Dr. David McMahon
  5. I noticed that alot of the bookcases in Leonard and Sheldons place contain Microsoft press volumes. Like 2 guys with physics doctorates would really benefit from being MCSEs as well lol. On the other hand Raj uses one of those weird apple laptops. Also in the season 3 episode where they tell u how Leonard trashed the elevator Raj has just purchased an ipod to which Sheldon replies - "You'll be sorry you wasted your money on an ipod when Microsoft comes out with theirs."
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