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  1. OK, my reply has nothing to do with partying or being drunk... but I guessed I'd click "quote" after such a long time!! -- netmouse you still around?? I almost had forgotten about this forum, but I just remembered and saw there was an "attachment" place I think on profile, so I thought "hey! maybe I can attach the report after all!!". Well... don't think so, the attachment place has about 1.4 MB and I remember that report being well over 10 MB... oh how the series has changed since we had that season 4 start party! I found a comment I had post and man wasn't it a prediction of what would happen unfortunately... :O I miss all the geek games, jokes, activities, the 4 guys hanging out, the schedules (where did all the meals, games, etc. schedules go??) from the first 3 seasons... I want to see that klingon boggle or amazing 4D chess again! 01 September 2010 - 03:13 AM Yeah, I'm against Sheldon dating anybody - and his character would agree 300% with me Geek power!!! That's absolutely THE BEST of the series. I don't want another series with girls and guys affairs, booh. Sheldon, don't forget your true nature!
  2. It is! I can't believe it either, thanks! OK thanks for the time zone Good lord I just realised - 6.30 AM!! I'm never awake that early unless I'm drunk / I've just gotten back home from partying! Thanks!
  3. Wow... tnx for coming online and sharing the aftermath I thought it was a great idea. As for the possible after party post, I guess you could chuck it in the Chat section, even if you have to post it over a couple of threads. Would love to see the pics. Tnx again for the update. Not a problem, it was really fun and would love to do another one again We can invite you next time, will just have to figure out the time difference I didn't forget that I still have to post the report somehow I just am abroad on "holidays" (studying), I took the file with me to post it but I've been too busy to do it. Now there's another reply to my thread so that reminded me I needed to answer you If I don't manage to do it while abroad, I'll come back here with the file when I am back from the North, should be end August/beg. September. BTW, I now have Penny's uniform (the Cheesecake top they wear in the series) and a whole set of goodies from the Cheesecake factory that a friend from the US went to fetch for me (napkins, an official table menu, a little pig wearing a Cheesecake factory shirt, and a Cheesecake Factory shirt that is 10 times bigger than me - well I told her to ransack the place when she went!!), so more to add to the new party! netmouse, that was telepathy, we posted at the same time yepp, like netmouse said. It was supposed to be a party where we would view the 1st episode of the 4th season at the exact time that it was airing in the US. I'm based in Europe...
  4. It went pretty well! And of course since it was a nerd party, we had several accidents like a congress huge banner/poster that one of us brought home after having attended a geek congress - it FELL on us. Burns trying to prepare the correct meal, 1 shirt not arriving, another one being lost for good, improvising costumes (I went as Leslie Winkle with an original shirt I found of her, nerd glasses and all): we printed the friendship algorythm and pinned it to our t-shirts - except for the lucky girl who was chosen to wear the original one, our North Pole geek not getting shit so not going online and thus we had to ban him from the group (he IS an expert in cryptography! and couldn't decypher the only cryptographic thing we put on the invitation - Good lord) - and oops! A pizza delivery straight from Giacomo's Pasadena at 1 am!! We thought that it were the neighbours complaining by our all too loud Star Wars soundtrack and Vader entering the room... But nope! Giacomo's came! We actually wrote a graphic post-party report with lots of photos and fun comments. I guess we could post it online somewhere, but where? It's pretty heavy so we'd need a spot somewhere DEFINITELY a really cool party. Can't wait for another one!! All our friends wanted to join when they learnt about it afterwards Seems there are more TBBT fans in Spain than one would think!!
  5. Hi! My roommate and I, based in hot Barcelona, have just decided to throw a BBT party 23 September to celebrate the coming back of the series with the 4th season I'm a huge fan of the series and my roommate's catching up (she's a baby BBT, only on her 6th episode lol) So far we've made this list for the party: 1- buy 2 of the same geek / Big Bang Theory shirts (roommate and myself) to wear them for the party 2- issue an official invitation to the party (my roommate will write one using some kind of code, she's an IT gal ) 3- eat the same food as Thursday in the series. After consulting with The Schedule and several variations for Thursday, I have decided to go for the latest Thursday Menu: Giacomo's pizza with light olives, sausage and mushrooms <- Sheldon's pizza =)) 4- have an online party maybe through skype and web cam (it's a nerd party!! it HAS to be online ) 5- invite (online, of course) my previous roommate, who lives close to the North Pole, is a real IT geek and who loves the series 6- get him a shirt and have it shipped to him as a surprise (oops! shouldn't have posted this here, hope he doesn't see it! ) 7- tomorrow: shirt meeting with my roommate . The agenda for the meeting will be to browse all BBT girl shirts online and decide which one to buy for the 2 of us. Has to be exactly the same one. 8- Star Wars soundtrack will be the music of our party (I have it on CD original =) 9- we'll watch some episodes of the series, of course We don't have videogames, wiiiiiiiiis, nintendos, etc. We suck at 2D chess and it gives us a headache, so not even thinking about 3D chess. I don't have a speaking knowledge of Klingon and the only Star Trek thing I've seen is the last movie (motivated by the BBT lol). For the party, we would VERY MUCH like to watch the new episode somewhere online (or from a freakin torrent lol but as fast as possible! We don't live in the US and don't want to wait till 5 am) - ANYBODY PLEASE: WHERE CAN WE WATCH THE EPISODE ONLINE THE SAME DAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE? ANY HELP WELCOME!! Any more ideas for the party? All proposals and comments welcome!! And anybody who wants to connect online with our party, wherever you are: WELCOME TO JOIN OUR PARTY! (This reminds me of the episode where the BBT guys are "connected" with a couple of guys in China who "play" with the lights in Leonard's and Sheldon's appartment ) Marimà, Barcelona.
  6. none, hoho (to answer the question) :D
  7. Halo all! That's it, I guess lol Can't wait to the 23rd!!! :D
  8. Yeah, I'm against Sheldon dating anybody - and his character would agree 300% with me Geek power!!! That's absolutely THE BEST of the series. I don't want another series with girls and guys affairs, booh. Sheldon, don't forget your true nature!
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