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  1. Sheldon *coming out of the restroom*: However flattering it may sound but you cannot actually make babies... so Leonard can't possibly help you make something which is practically impossible to "make" ... Penny: Oh Good morning Sheldon.. always nice talking to you.. Sheldon *completely ignoring the sarcastic remarks*: But to take the argument further, lets suppose you could make babies... how i wish you parents had worked harder... Leonard *angrily*: Sheldon... this is not nice... Sheldon: Please be specific? what is not nice? not being able to make babies or not being worked hard on? if that's later...I in this and all the gazillions of parallel universes agree with you. Leonard: Oh yeah?maybe in one of those universes I am the smartest scientist and you're a candle stand in a liquor store. Sheldon: Keeping in view the random nature of parallel universes...i may end up as a candle stand in a liquor store ... but believe me.. in none of them you're going to be the smartest scientist... Penny *irritatingly*: Excuse me... I am still here... did i disappear in your parallel universe? Sheldon: Penny Penny Penny... You can't disappear in a parallel universe... because that would be another you with us or a subset of us..not knowing anything about this universe...but i am sure you'd still be talking the same level of nonsense there too... Penny *angrily*: it is not non-sense to ask my boyfriend to make babies with me... Sheldon: Well if you insist that you can... I would say... please save humanity and don't...because if your baby is half as stupid... whole human race is going to be doomed.
  2. Maybe the sweatpants were not sweaty enough
  3. Leonard walks to Penny's door and knocked, "Come In" said Penny and Leonard entered the room to see Penny's holding a pillow and crying. Leonard: "Hey! I am sorry, you know Sheldon.. he gets cruel sometimes with his jokes.. " .. (then trying to ease out the situation in his wavy and shaky accent) "but you know ... in deep inside his heart.... he is a.. he is a... " (noticed Penny's getting furious ) .."ummmmm He is a Jerk... and it is very wrong of him and he should be ashamed of himself...and.." Penny interrupted him.. "He was not wrong..I turned out to be pregnant and now i don't know what to do" (started crying) Leonard: :O :O :O
  4. Aik Lamha


    I like Leonard and actually he's the one who makes the show possible... isn't he? would you imagine Raj, Howard and Penny befriending with Sheldon all by themselves.. i don't think so... Having seen Leonard's capability of tolerating Sheldon...I admire his tolerance and would like to have a friend like him too
  5. hey. I am a big fan from Pakistan for years now... and without exaggeration i have watched each episode at least 5 or 6 times.... I love this show... storyline is great... concept is remarkably unique... acting is marvelous ... i love every character ... But i don't know if its just me or in last episodes of Season 3... Penny has really turned from a funny, not so smart and sweet blonde to some selfish bitch... excuse my french but Leaonard was heart broken and I felt bad for the guy..
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