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  1. have u guys seen the new college humour vid featuring Raj its awesome Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSKBoO5hBHk
  2. She wears that alot because it the Cheesecake Factory's work clothing the thing bout the skirt is her buttocks looks awesome in it ^^
  3. wow nice that's really cool, you planning on making the rest of the comic?
  4. Probably just like you said she was in inner conflict about Leonard
  5. so yeah Hey ^^ been checking the forums out for a while and thought i'd join in on some discussion etc little bout me: I'm Clint 23 y/o and love the show haha see ya around
  6. Shanglui


    ok ok i agree with most things above but dont you agree they should have given him some more "attitude" ? In some situations like the time he went to get the $1800 back for penny and she thought it was kurt's idea and he didnt say a thing, the least thing he could have done was just remove his cap
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