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  1. In the UK, the Channel that show it here, is re running season 3, so going on the fact that the last episode of season 3 will be on Thursday the 21st of October.. we should in theory ....have the premiere of season 4 on Thursday the 28th of October... Which should make us a month behind the U.S.. As long as we don't get any long hiatus between first half of the season and the last part..like last year.. which was annoying.. ( all U.S TV shows had it last year. writers strike knock on effect...) We should have a uninterrupted run apart from a week or two off the air for Xmas.
  2. HI, I am a huge TBBT fan.. I have seen it from the very first Episode and it has absolutely had me in stitches ever since... There is not a episode that goes by with out me laughing out loud at least three to four times. Even If i am watching repeats or watching them on DVD.. This comedy has to be one of the very best sitcoms to come out of the U.S this century. A little bit about me, I am in the United Kingdom, 35ish and love Sci Fi, and good comedy's.. I have recently found this place, and it looks awesome...:D
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