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  1. I just finished watching all 3 seasons, and I must admit I'm kind of disappointed in where they are leading Sheldon's character. For me, a large part of his appeal is his cold, calculating nature. While I understand the need for dynamic, rounded characters who experience growth, I hope they don't change him too much! Also, did anyone else notice the following change: at the beginning of the show the emphasis on Sheldon seemed to be more on his IQ, stoicism, and extreme attention to logic, while in the later episodes I feel like they've just made him out to be insane (remembering in particular the ball-pit scene, although that was pretty hilarious) and there is a greater emphasis on comics and gaming type "nerdiness" rather than scientific nerdiness. Does anyone else feel this way? PS- Howard's ex-girlfriend is Bernadette, not Leslie. Leslie was Lenard's fling.
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