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  1. Agree Disagree! He's the new Niles Crane. Frail, obsessed with hygiene, sarcastic. I disagree with both. I think Sheldon is the new version of Data from Star Treck.
  2. The shows I've spent the most time watching are Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory
  3. I love 3rd Rock as well. I never watched it when it was originally on-air, but I bought all the seasons on DVD. The show totally cracks me up.
  4. wow - I'll have to look up the unaired pilot episode online. I had no idea there was one.
  5. Awesome episode! I would've liked to have seen more of Sheldon and Amy's conversation during their date though. My mom watched the show with me and thought that the robot problem involving Howard was "nasty." My mom's very conservative though. I thought the whole situation was classic.
  6. I dont want Sheldon to change either. I wonder how this new "girlfriend" of his in season 4 will turn out? I'm hoping it'll only last a few weeks.
  7. I know a guy who's like Sheldon in the sense that he always cuts conversations short and walks off to do what he wants to do. Unfortunately the person I'm speaking of is not a good person like Sheldon is.... on the contrary he's never polite and always in a bad attitude and unfriendly to everyone.
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