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  1. ive pretty much lost interest in the show as well. i still watch it because i feel such a connection to the characters and i want to see how they go in life. but its no longer my favourite show. im pretty much hooked into how i met your mother and modern family
  2. ooooh i don't know. they try to incorporate tons of science into their show, don't they? doesn't seem like there is enough technical stuff to pass as a tbbt episode in reality. but it's a fun idea! and we can dream...
  3. well i totally, completely loved this episode. probably the best of season 4 so far. my favourite bit was when leonard knocks on penny's door and sheldon says, "penny." HAHAHA. and bringing zac back was great too - really loved the guys ganging up on him. good to know the writers saved season 4 from going downhill. heres hoping for more great episodes!
  4. OK I confess that I too am a major fan of the Penny/Sheldon idea and I finally found a way to incorporate this into the show. I think the two have great chemistry and would make very hilarious episodes together - it just can't be long term. Soooo... if Leonard was to go away for a weekend (maybe on a trip to some scientific talk) and Penny's Dad came over again, Penny could ask Sheldon to pretend to be her bf. This is similar to what Penny made Leonard do in the 4th season, except that Leonard knew how to act the part! We could see Sheldon at libraries trying to research this role, how hard it is for him to keep this secret in front of her Dad etc. What do you think? Possible or am I out of my mind? :D
  5. awwwwwwwwwww they hold hands!!!!!!!!!! im a shenny shipper but even im excited abt this ep!!! cant wait!
  6. i agree 100%. all these crude jokes must mean they actually have no ideas left. they've pretty much killed the sheldon character. when he had to say "leonard went to the office" he was twitching so much. as if he'd be able to lie to amy's mother like that. too many contradictions
  7. Hmm, much better than 4.02 but I didn't like how they make Sheldon so emotional now! I agree with previous posts: Sheldon shouldn't have been with cats (remember when Leonard and Penny 'broke up' and Leonard wanted to get a cat and then Sheldon tried really, really hard to stop him?) - nevermind that he is allergic, he hates cats! Next point about Amy going into Sheldon's room and SHELDON suggesting it? Nuh-uh. Doesn't work that way. He shouldn't change that much! I think Amy adds a nice dynamic to the show - just don't want her to take away Sheldon's loveable bluntness and lack of human connection. That's what made him funny!
  8. because penny is ditzy... not as smart as the other guys in the group to be able to make use of such an opportunity!
  9. ditto. though i cant figure out if this feeling is for jp or sheldon. lol
  10. I agree in a way that sheldon shouldn't be softened. Part of what makes his character so ah-mazing is his tendency to say the most blunt things out loud e.g. "Please leave" to Penny when she says she was sick. He has no idea about social protocol e.g. "There there" when someone is sick. In that way, yes. But having said that I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I LOVED the scenes where he hugged Penny (Nimoy napkin episode) because it was just too cute! (Yes I'm a shenny fan ) As long as we have the same blunt sheldon who doesn't realise why he's made others upset, I wouldn't mind the occasional hugs now and then!
  11. Yes I mean in front of females. Because of the fact that there can't be ANY girls in the room for him to talk, what his character can do is so limited! There can never be any funny scenes with him and a girl unless he's drunk - I'm getting quite sick of this condition. It'd be nice to see him actually have a proper conversation for once without any substance help!
  12. to be honest, i'm getting quite sick of raj saying nothing! post back if you agree!!
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