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  1. Speaking of Leonard and Penny (because I really like the L/P relationship and think they belong together)....did anyone else notice that when Sheldon started the ribbing about the Leonard marraige proposal as they waited outside the courtroom, Penny first responded with "It wasn't a real proposal" as if maybe she was upset with how it was done, not "that" it was done. Maybe some of her reaction is disappointment. Just an idea...
  2. Just my opinion, but does Penny not know how to be tender to Leonard at all? To me, the more tender moments would be where true chemistry would come through. Penny seemed to be torn apart with the Leonard/Priya pairing, yet, when they get back together for the "beta test", she doesn't seem to be able to be anything but snarky with Leonard. To me, moments like in season 3 (I believe) when she calls Leonard her little homunculus is a bit of tenderness that was cute. Now, there are only put-downs or disinterest. I don't get it. I enjoy the Leonard/Penny pairing, but it seems they are taking
  3. I realize that this is just a tv sitcom, but I do enjoy it. So, I will give my thoughts on the Leonard and Penny situation. I have always viewed them as very "damaged" - neither one of them know what love is or how to express it beyond sex. Both L and P's upbringing were not normal. Penny could not get her dad to except her, and Leonard couldn't get his mom to even hug him. So, I see there relationship the first time around as damaged itself. Neither one of them has grown to the point that they know how to handle a real relationship. I was hoping that they would do that together.
  4. The only reply I can make to this is "Our babies will be smart and beautiful." Season one, episode one. Seems to me the basis of the show from the very beginning was relationship issues and romantic issues. My 2 cents. Dave
  5. Hello to all, I am late coming to the Big Bang Theory. Actually my son really liked the show and convinced me to watch it. After watching a couple of episodes, I purchased all 3 seasons on dvd so I could catch up. This season, so far, I am really disappointed. Please let me explain. The series, to me, is grounded upon the Leonard/Penny relationship. It seems to me that was the focus from the pilot on; not that every episode dealt with it, but that it was the undercurrent of each episode. This season (and the ending of last season) the break up of their relationship was never re
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