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  1. Is it me or Sheldon and Penny sounded differently in the first season? Sheldon was speaking normally and he wasn't trying as hard to sound like a child. Penny's voice was soft and she was pretty much whispering in some parts, she seemed more relax back then, the way she talks now annoys me, she kind of speaks like a dude now.
  2. Not to mention that Raj and Howard have been getting less and less screen time. I don't care too much about Raj, because he's just going to cry about being lonely, but Howard is the most consistent character to me. I guess they'd rather show the three girls in Penny's apartment, drinking and gossiping, Penny showing us how messed up she had become and Amy acting like she's secretly in love with her or something. Btw, what happened to Leslie? I remember that she was going to be part of the regular cast for season 2, but that plan was scrapped, because they didn't have enough stories for her. They sure did find plenty of stories for Penny, Bernadette and Amy.
  3. Yet another idea taken from Frasier after Frasier stood up to his schooltime bully and ended the show running away from him . Hilarious line from Sheldon at the end, though. They were obviously showing the 2 sides of bullying, from different points of view. Penny's bully revelation was almost an exact copy of a scene from Breaking In a few months ago. Breaking In is a great show, can't wait for season 2! I didn't find myself laughing out loud throughout the episode, there was nothing really funny. I'm no sexist, but I would've wanted to skip all the scenes with Penny, Bernadette and Amy, I felt like I was watching Sex in the city. I miss Leslie Winkle SO MUCH.
  4. Bernadette > Amy Cuter, less annoying and doesn't speak like a robot.
  5. Well, at least the show ''Breaking In'' is coming back for a 2nd season in 2012, I'd highly recommend that show if you like the geeky stuff, there's a lot of comic-con and Star Wars references.
  6. So Sheldon and Amy are a couple now? What have they done to this show? I feel like I'm watching How I Met Your Mother. I bet that we're going to get more episodes about relationship conflicts between boyfriends and girlfriends instead of the nerdy/geeky stuff.
  7. I didn't think the episode was that bad, it wasn't great, but I liked it more than the first 3 episodes of this season. Sheldon's mom is funny, but I do agree with Hex, the writers need to cool down with the stereotypical comments. Raj needs to stop crying about being alone, I'm starting to find him very annoying. Damn, I sure miss non speaking Raj from the first 3 seasons, he was funnier back then.
  8. I've seen the girl who plays the comic book artist before, she was in Dexter and HIMYM. She's quite hot, lucky Leonard
  9. I really enjoyed this episode. I've also noticed that Penny has been getting less screen time, to be honest, Penny is probably the most boring character on the show now, there's nothing really interesting or funny going on with her, you can tell that the writers have no idea what to do with that character. I used to really like Penny, she was so cute and sweet in season 1, but now, I find her more annoying than anything else, just listen and compare the way she talked in season 1 and now. Sorry for going a bit off topic.
  10. I'm not done with the show yet, but it's no longer my favorite one, I understand why some people may begin to lose interest, the writers have turned something special into another average sitcom, I don't want the series to keep drifting away from its roots, it should be about the 4 geeks and ''The Girl Next Door''.
  11. Raj was funnier when he couldn't talk, I find him annoying now. The 2 episodes were quite good, I did think that the whole Raj/Penny situation was poorly handled though.
  12. I would never trust a friend like Raj, he tried to steal Bernadette from Howard, I thought he was supposed to be his best friend. Being lonely is no excuse. Tbh, now I think about it, Season 4 was quite bad, I just couldn't re-watch the episodes over and over again like I did during the first 3 seasons, I think that the only character that didn't let me down last season was Howard. Hopefully, season 5 will bring the show back to its roots, I know that I'll keep watching the show, but it might no longer be my favorite one
  13. I liked Amy at first until she started telling Penny how to deal with Priya. I also hated the part about her toothbrush.
  14. Penny and Raj didn't have sex just like Sheldon had never danced and kissed a girl before season 4.
  15. More predictions of mine. Raj will fall in love Penny. Therefore, he'll be willing to do anything to be able to speak to her without alcohol. Love will cure his selective mutism. Penny will eventually fall for him at the end of season 5. It's going to take a while for Leonard to forgive Raj, but he'll get over it. Raj will find a way to redeem himself and prove that he's worthy of forgiveness.
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