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  1. thought last nights episode was fine. to be honest i havent followed all season as im busy on Thurs Nights and generally only catch about 5 min of the show as im passing by a TV. Im not a hulu or streaming junkie, so i just wait for the DVD's. . . . Liked that Leonard is Not a whiny little hurt nerd over Penny(re-hash of him whining over Darlene). Liked Penny's remorse over Brushing off Leaonard. Liked her hopping in bed with Raj, Penny is a Ho-Ho, so why not. Did NOT like the making fun of Wolowitz for ONLY having a Masters.. . Hits home with me, lol. Nice that the Tempo of the show seeme
  2. i liked it. . . . . . . .Penny lyin, and her dad putting great value in Leonard was nice in contrasting what selfish ditzy blondes think they know about life vs what is important in a stable comfortable life. "i want my grandkids to grow up in a house that's not on wheels". . . . .classic.
  3. Dustin Hoffman as Leanords Father. . . . . .he does a good subdooed character that would have married his mom.
  4. That's what I have been saying. As a therapist I know exposure therapy can work in reducing anxiety and phobias. Raj has been exposed to Penny for 3 years now and that should be enough for him to begin at least being able to communicate with her. I agree with the above. . . . .bein in close quarters with her for years, he would loose the shock and start seein her as just "one of the guys". The other possibility is to use meds. . . .as was done before. . . .and then have a field day with side effect possibilities. But i guess there is a reason Alcohol is referred to as "Liquid Courage
  5. ah. . . . . .thanks for explaing that to me. . . .i was a tad distracted (family) toward the end. . . .i remember the "sulfur smell" comment and gas mask but wasn't 100% sure what it was about.
  6. Ill just add that i liked the Apple guys Lack of Surprise at Sheldons VPD. . . . .when i saw the robot approach the apple guy, i was ready for a 5minute story about what this was and ready to walk out of the room for a sec. . . . .when the apple guy immediately knew what the robot was, i was pleasantly surprised as the show didnt waste show time on redundancy. and was reglued to the TV. The Apple guy seemed very comfortable on camera. . . . . Also. . .its a cute song but ill add on that ive had enough of "soft kitty" too.
  7. i like Amy. she is a breath of fresh air, though very abrasive. what i like about Sheldon type characters are how their OCD tendencies are actually an asset to their success, tho funny and peculiar to those that observe them (Sheldon folding his socks in the Folder thing). What i dont like is when the intelligent are portrayed as cold and hateful. I had often equated Sheldon's character to Data on Star Trek. . . . Data had no emotion, but was never hateful, unless warranted. My point bein, as the episodes progress, seems emotional restraint is bein portrayed as hateful ,insincere, and Help
  8. Hello, Long time Lurker, First time poster. . . .. Overall good episode, I luved the pure physics talk between Raj and Sheldon at the start. i liked the Howard Penny story line. It was nice to see Howard as "Socially Clumsy" as opposed to "weird and maliciously creepy". I thought it was awesome to have Katee and George there talkin frankly about star trek and life in general. I was on Katee's side during Howards decidng to go for it or not. Coincidentally i thought it was a bit psychic as i was watching Battlestar on DVD all day at work (in background of course). Dislikes and annoya
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