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  1. So, I myself live on a farm in the middle of nowhere... which, when it comes to Halloween, is a bit boring because we get no "trick-or-treaters"... So, I'm going for a drive with a friend and then I'll be going to another friend's Halloween Party. Of course, this friend actually has neighbours, and a lot of them, which means I'll be manning the door and scaring them off. When I open the door, I've decided, it's ME who's going to say "TRICK OR TREAT" this will leave them in a confused state. So yeah, me and my friends are having a little party-bash-thing-in-costumes... What is everyone else doing? And what are you going as?
  2. Wow, there'll be a thread soon called "What happened to your DVDs?" LOL Anyhow... Since my little brother is only 5 we don't yet trust him with DVDs as he tends to snap them (Oh, yes, he snapped one of mine.... GRRR!) so he has a television with a video player in his room as it's quite easy to operate and the videos are sturdy. Now of course, we have some 18 rated videos that are kept in my room and sometimes I'll have a sudden urge to watch them so I go to watch them in his room when he's out or whatever. He's got some Bob the Builder ones when I prefer to watch Freddy Kruger - Nightmare on Elm Street! :D We'll give them to a charity shop when he stops breaking DVDs. :D
  3. 1. Primeval Boxsets 2. The Big Bang Theory Collection (1,2,3) 3. Lord of The Rings Boxset 4. Band of Brothers Boxset 5. Harry Potter Boxset
  4. Well, I live in the UK so I see more of our sitcoms. I prefer ours, to be honest, only because I can relate to the jokes as they pretty much skin our Goverment alive etc. Some of our sitcoms over here aren't seen elsewhere but they really should: The Inbetweeners. Ideal. Him & Her. Gavin & Stacey. etc. Of course, the series' over here are much shorter than in the US with each series being about 6/7/8 episodes long, which is... But, I still love US sitcoms, such as TBBT (my top-rated sitcom) and F.R.I.E.N.D.S (which is quite old by now.) So... it's a hard one but since I'm Welsh I've gotta go for the UK.
  5. Oooh, yes, Skins is another one for me. Although, bearing in mind the UK version is better than the US! :D
  6. Has anyone seen/watched Primeval? It's about holes in times that open and a few creatures/surprises come from the past and future to torment the present and there's a group of professionals ready to beat them off with a stick, and quite a lot of guns. I think it's an amazing sci-fi show. Not only does it have a hot cast but the CGI is pretty cool too. I'd recommend it to anyone who's bored and looking for something to watch.
  7. you buy Bowling T-shirts with The Wesley Crushers on the back just to feel part of the team.
  8. I just think they've become more comfortable with everything. They know they've got hardcore fans, and the ratings show that, (I mean, come on, the show's even showing here in Wales), and they decided to experiment etc.
  9. Muse, definitely. Well, it's between Muse and GooGooDolls.
  10. I don't usually read rom-coms but, hey, there was a 2-for-1 book deal so I decided to buy Olaf Stapledon - Last and First Men and One Day by David Nicholls. You can gues which one's the rom-com and which one's the apocolyptic drama, right? (One Day is the rom-com, and it's bloody amazing!) Both very good books, I would recommend them to anyone.
  11. Mine would be Primeval, definitely. Don't know if you've heard of it, but I may have a large obsession with it and its cast... This is how sad I am: I know every line to every episode. Nearly.
  12. Hi, I'm new here, and am from Wales. People think it's in England, but it's not, it's by England. Right next door, in the UK. Anyhow, hello. I've been a big fan of TBBT for a long time now and have bought the DVDs when they were released over here so I thought it was about time to join a forum 'cause my friends aren't really TBBT lovers... they're more the 90210 fans. :D So, here I am, fresh bait. Any other Welsh people here?
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