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  1. I loved this episode, it was hilarious. After watching Sheldon for 5 years now its amazing to think he has developed any kind of attachment to anyone. I guess it kind of shows a vulnerable human side, he has become more and more protective of Amy and their relationship. Now that someone has taken an interest Sheldon has been forced to step up. Our little Sheldon is growing up. The relationship contract was priceless.
  2. Yeah, I am glad Prya is getting phased out. I would like to see Stephanie come back, Sara Rue is a cutie!! But I know the main focus will be the leonard and Penny thing.
  3. Awesome, I love it. Gets me through nights stuck in hotels on work trips.
  4. Amy is awesome. I cant wait to see how the plot line develops. She is great for Sheldon, but I dont see them conforming to the traditional relationship structure.
  5. I have actually seen this parody, its pretty good. Similar to the show, the guys are try to find a way to get girls and they finally figure it out.
  6. Being new here I dunno if this has been discussed before, but it is a question that has been bothering me for a couple weeks now. I have been trying to think through if they mentioned it on the show in passing or something. If they havent, Penny might be the only (primary) character that doesnt have a last name. Based on what I saw in the discussions, if we are going to see Penny's dad, this question will soon be answered.
  7. Hi all, Been a fan of the show since season 1. This is my favorite show, I think it is hilarious!! And it is right up my alley being a bit of a nerd myself. Anyway, just saying hi.
  8. Well on record the first time he does it (we dont see until season 3 in the flashback ep) is when Leonard is hooking up with Joyce Kim. That incident couldve been the starting point for his habit.
  9. Yeah, TV stars appear in movies all the time. They usually do their movie shooting betwen seasonal shooting. I dont believe a TV show is shot year round, I think they can shoot all the eps for a season in about 6 months. Or in some cases the character is written out for an ep or two if there is a scheduling conflict. With the popularity of the show as it is now I think we will see a few more seasons. And by the way, what movies are these guys going to be in?
  10. Yeah, they cant keep doing the same things. This is charcter development and adding more dynamic to the show.
  11. Yes, but to a point. After being around certain individuals enough he should get used to them and therefore be able to at least talk around them, maybe to them, a little.
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