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  1. It could be Queen. I remember Penny uses Queen Penelope as an online name for her character in an episode (Season 2) where she got addicted into playing online RP games (Conan the Barbarian). But still writers can always change that. She's the only TBBT character with no last name.
  2. Best episode of Season 4. You'll be wanting more. Thanks :D
  3. Actually I expected more from this episode but anyway. I did enjoyed it. The manly impersonation of Leonard was funny (I wonder if they will do a makeover episode for the guys. That would be interesting) Sheldon's talk with Penny and the spitting of the tequila was weird and funny. I was waiting for Eliza and Howard's scene but nothing. Oh well. Looking forward for the next episode...
  4. I guess his doing this to keep the cast safe and the show safe. I think #2 is regarding the motorcycle (Vespa) accident that Kaley and Johnny had in the Dominican Republic.
  5. I'm a Batman Fan, so when I was watching TBBT Season 1 & 2 DVD again, I noticed the Batman Black and White statues. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the first episode they displayed the first statue was on Season 2 Episode 13 Friendship Algorithm. It was the Batman Black & White Gotham Knight (Derek Miller). We can see this statue on Season 2 Episode 12, 15, 16 and 17 The second statue was the Batman Black & White (Neal Adams) We can see this statue on Season 2 Episode 18, 19, 22 and 23 I'll add more photo if I can. Check Season 3 and current season for more Batman Black & White statues
  6. Please Check the thumbnail photos. Encircled with yellow highlight Photo #1 : I think it's a lunch box.?. Photo #2: The Batman cookie jar.
  7. Thank you for the promo. Can't wait... And Penny is back. Yay.
  8. Very hilarious episode. I thought it's more like physical comedy. I like the part when Leonard and Priya are trying to sneak in from Sheldon. It would be better if Penny was in this episode (jealousy thing). But anyway we enjoyed it. :D I hope too that they have a reference on Penny's absence on the next episode, but I doubt it (well I know that they will not write about Kaley's accident, but still it's kinda odd that the guys did not mention anything about Penny)
  9. Very true. That's one of the reason why I started watching the show, the interest of Leonard to Penny and how it will work out. Well they're on season 4 now, I hope the relationship will not end just like that. But it's still early, we want more TBBT...
  10. She'll be back the next episode (Nov. 4) I hope they discuss her absence just a bit but I doubt it.
  11. zaizai

    Season 5??

    Johnny Galecki is starring opposite Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde & Amanda Seyfried in a movie entitled "I'm.Mortal". It's a sci-fi movie and it's due on 2012 and it's in production now. Kaley Cuoco have a lot of movie offers. She have one comedy movie entitled "Hop" with Russell Brand, James Marsden & Elizabeth Perkins due 2011. One drama "The Last Ride" for this year. And four more movies. She will definitely be busy. Jim Parson will be in two movies due 2011. But it's all post production now. Simon Helberg will be in one movie due next year and a TV animation. Source IMDB
  12. Actually I think Leonard have all the reason to whine. What he only wants is to be love. I don't know if you notice, but he never actually have felt to be loved by his family and/or someone (I guess except for his friends) especially when he was growing up. And I think his just discovering new feelings and emotion. I do feel bad for him but at some point the character gets kinda annoying. Still I hope the Leonard character will grow more. And will come to a realization...
  13. I've seen the unaired pilot. I didn't liked it at all. It's a good thing they changed it. Great decision.
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