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  1. Amy should be written out of the show. 1) We don't need another Sheldon. The audience loves the Sheldon we have. It was cute for one, maybe two episodes to have a female Sheldon clone, but now it's just an excuse to fill up air time. 2) She is unlikable. What makes Sheldon work is that beneath his super genius craziness he's very child-like which makes great comedy because of ironies of a highly intellectual person with the emotional development of a little kid. Amy has the super genius crazy qualities, but she lacks the gooshy inside. 3) She lacks the necessary ironic component for comedy. Other Sheldon-like characters, like Leonard's mother, have worked because of the ironies of a mother---a traditionally compassionate, loving figure---treating her child like a science experiment. But Amy doesn't have the opportunity to have such an ironic relationship with Sheldon since there's no expectation for her to behave lovingly toward him. She has the extreme personality, but we're missing a foil. 4) Building off of my previous points about the necessity of irony in comedy, if Sheldon were to have a girlfriend, it would be funniest if she were dissimilar to Sheldon. She would have to be smart so that Sheldon couldn't patronize her, but really motherly toward Sheldon to bring out that funny aspect of his personality. Although I have often thought about the much talked about possible Penny/Sheldon pairing, it would be too out-of-character for the writers to actually do. And in any case, she's too easy for Sheldon to patronize, and thus if they were together they would either be fighting all the time or one of them would be dominating the relationship too much. But maybe at some point Sheldon will meet the perfect opposite. Amy is an example of likes repelling the comedic value out of a scene.
  2. One of the better episodes from this season! Lots of funny bits. Love Dr. Tyson! I hope he comes back!
  3. This really was a bad episode. I love the big bang theory, but season 4 is having some major flaws.
  4. Is it a question on a crossword puzzle or something?
  5. Hey, I missed this week's episode because I was taking a midterm. Am I out of luck, or will it air again?
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