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  1. Hey everybody, I've been waiting for the last two days to get the new episode of TBBT but sadly after waisting my time downloading a fake copies, I've been informed that there was no episode last Thursday ! can anyone please get me the timing schedule for this season. I'd be very happy to get back with the schedule posted down here
  2. well, thank you guys for the support. See you on new posts.
  3. "FRIENDS" I am extremely sure that there wouldn't be such a comedy show which could be compared to FRIENDS. Sorry TBBT, but FRIENDS rocks . . For action series, I've only watched Prison Break and I loved it. two days ago I started seeing Psych and it seems to be pretty great!
  4. Well, at first I loved the idea of Sheldon having a girlfriend, but now I think Amy's scenes doesn't add any comedy to the show! Hopefully the writers would think seriously about How to make use Amy's character before getting rid of her.
  5. Hi everybody, as written in the title, I am such a big fan of the show. two years ago, I believed that there wouldn't be any such comedy show that deserve watching but FRIENDS. I've once seen an episode of TBBT with a friend of mine and my whole believe system changed since. I hope that you'd enjoy my company with you guys. catch you guys later.
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