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  1. actually im using the show as templates, The sims 3 allows me to create the sims using advanced tools not found in sims 2, but yes your right they do look great.
  2. Yes, just trying to get all the stuff from the sims 3 store to do so.
  3. Hi there, Great work on the Apartment however its looking kinda box-ish. Remember that the apartments are odd shaped. Here is a sneak peek at my version showing Penny's section, keep in mind I'll have more freedom when it comes to design however since im using the next generation of your game The Sims 3. keep in mind this is still in-development. Keep up the great work and I hope that you will use my apartment as a guide. Happy Simming DerekThomasPearce
  4. hey friends so im back working on my sims 3 version and im using the above blueprints above as reference. Northlight if you would like to assist me id greatly appreciate it. we can chat via email if you would like or msn if you have it.
  5. The apartment is a TV set as we all know so there will be random areas of dead space to make room for potential special effects and stuff like that. I'm going over the show again and am going to make up a new layout, if anyone would anyone like to do pennys apartment.
  6. Hey Fellow Nerds My name is Derek and i am a huge fan of the TBBT. I currently own every episode of the show right up to the one that last aired. I'm also currently working on a project in The Sims 3 were I'm attempting to recreate the The Main Apartment Building, Howard's, Raj's, Cal tech, Curts, The comic book store and many more locations. If anyone is interested in helping out feel free to message me here
  7. I think so...wasn't it a cookie jar? no it was a batman statue , Leonard bought Sheldon the cookie jar See below for supporting evidence Batman Cookie Jar: The guys decided to compete in a physics bowl after finding out that the previous competitors have dropped out to form a barbershop quartet and got a gig playing Knott's Berry Farm, but find Sheldon's showboating too much and kick him off the team, telling him "You're annoying and no one wants to play with you". They even buy him a Batman Cookie jar to soften the blow of being cut from the team. Batman Statue: In the peanut butter episode penny asks what raj and Howard got for his birthday gift. Raj got him a limited edition dark knight sculpture by alex roth.
  8. didnt raj give that to leonard in season 1's peanut episode for his birthday?
  9. In the episode that deals with how the elevator was broken it shows leonerds at the end of the hallway and again in the Lunar excitation in the same place.
  10. Hey Big Bang Theory fans So quite recently I have decided to build the Cooper apartment in The Sims 3 (I call it the Cooper apartment because hes the original tenant) I watched all episodes right up to the fourth season episode 21 second excitation and determined that this is the exact layout of the apartment. (See Attachment) anyone who would like to add anything or support alternative layouts is welcome too. Keep in mind the layout is a TV set so the wasted space is most like used for filming equipment and such.
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