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  1. Hey, just checking in to let y'all know that I have disappeared because my laptop has broken down a few days back. It's gone for repair, so now I only have my office pc and am usually too busy during working hours to be able to check in. And I can't even watch episodes or interviews at home, pity me. :( So I'll be regular here again as soon as (a) my laptop gets repaired or (b ) I buy a new laptop, because I'm seriously starting to have TBBT withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Yes, and his weight fluctuates a lot! But the only time he got worryingly thin IMO was at the time of early season 4.
  3. Apart from everything else, I love the glass of milk in that scene. Sheldon Cooper gazing down into the eyes of the woman he loves with a glass of milk in his hand.. there's something sweetly appropriate about that.
  4. I too think Bakersfield or Love Spell might have been better. But someone pointed out that maybe they were going for one episode of outrageous comedy, to counterbalance one sweet touching episode (Closet Reconfiguration).
  5. That's nice. But isn't Normal Heart also filming this summer? I think that will also be in LA?
  6. In the episode with Leonard/Amy and trains, I think it was pretty clear that Sheldon was unconsciously diverting himself from his subliminal jealousy by fixating (even more than usual) on one of his childish hobbies. This was evidenced by his 'she's not for you' lash-out at Leonard at the end. He did it at the slightest imaginary provocation, so obviously it didn't come out of the blue, those misgivings had been there in his mind all along. We got further evidence of this behavior in Flaming Spittoon, where he started obsessing on the card game and dressing up as a cowboy to distract himself f
  7. I just love this thought. The Shamy does have a touch of the tragicomic about them, as do the individual characters. Sheldon's line 'it's been 3 years and we're in bed together' made me smile indulgently at his Sheldonism, and tear up at the same time because it was so touchingly committed and devoted in his own odd way. As if he has a 'forever' relationship trajectory chalked out in his mind, and things are just going a bit faster than he expects.
  8. That brief exchanged look between Sheldon and Amy really got to me. It was so subtle, but had a vaguely magical familiar and in-sync quality to it.. the way the two of them spontaneously turn towards each other, and Sheldon glances down at her, as if recalling an earlier discussion (they may have talked of Lucy's visit at Amy's place). I loved it so much that I didn't even mind the lack of any other Shamy interaction in the finale. It was hint enough of the deepening connection between them, especially after what happened last week.
  9. I like this take, and I think it's possible that's what they were going for. It ties in nicely with earlier Sheldon reactions like when he started fixating on trains to get his mind off Amy going out with Leonard. His thoughts have a way of shifting to some old familiar OCD/childish trait when something unfamiliar, confusing or a little threatening happens. Leonard's going away for a while, leaving him alone in the apartment, may quite well have that quality for him.
  10. I was just about to point this out, Phanta did it first. It looked like Jim smiling and joking with Kaley, but (to be fair) I suppose it was meant to be Sheldon practicing his congratulatory smile. Which, by the way, is a lot less creepy now than it was back in season 1.. progress. :D I thought it was a very sweet episode. I was touched by the Leonard/Penny scenes - Penny was great, and so mature and giving. I loved their little exchanged glances of affection and understanding, and it's so clear that (as Kaley keeps saying) they're in a good place right now. I don't think it's true that w
  11. What's the difference? Yes, the Gulliver picture was 2012, as far as I remember. Before he got a short haircut again, recently.
  12. Thanks for the YT link! (even if it's in the photo thread). I like how positive Johnny and Kaley are, about L/P's situation at this time. And Jim/Mayim are adorable as ever. Hark at her scolding him when he's about to spoil the finale. :D Also, 'I hope they don't take you away'.. aww.
  13. 500/10000!! I'm feeling like doing a domino-completed roll. :D
  14. Now THIS I can totally see. This shouldn't be the first SIK, though. I agree very much with the idea of Sheldon's first gesture of kissing her being inspired by affection, and perhaps admiration. That would be the nicest way, I think. I love how we've just reached 500 pages and about to reach 10000 posts. We're the most active thread in the forum.
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