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  1. Never played WoW myself, but I remember assuming that's what it was in S1. Buttons for the lulz
  2. Classic Star Wars-esque-ish Upgrade from season four definitely, but I have to agree with mouse with regard to seasons one through three. Keep it pure. That said, can't wait to add it to the collection.
  3. Sheldon, Raj and Howard are doing Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sheldon and Beverly do Any Way You Want It by Journey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUMV47eZR-I Party on Wayne.
  5. Youforgotyourflash drive youforgotyourflash drive youforgotyourflash drive youforgot...
  6. Anyone remember him in Hero At Large? Man I haven't seen that flick since I was a kid and would so love to see it again. Loved Three's Company and have always enjoyed Ritter in everything I've seen him in. Watch him in Sling Blade.. talk about bringing sensitivity to a character while also adding the most subtle nuances of humor. The man was such a natural. I've only seen bits and pieces of 8 Simple Rules, but would definitely like to check it all out. Thanks also for the vid links BazingaFan
  7. The Hoth gear? Where her hair looked like a blooming onion? I donno' how you got blooming onion from this.. but yeah ok! I mean look at that. So cute.
  8. I miss the old lecherous, cravingly-desperate Howard, but have no problem with Bernadette. I also have yet to experience a focused, purposeful tour through season four though, so we'll see.
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