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  1. LG7526

    sheldon's shirt

    I'm going to take a guess and say American Apparel, because I've seen shirts similar to that from that brand online.
  2. That's disappointing! I also checked my Tivo, and didn't see any new episodes. My dad suggested there might the three week gap because of the holidays, but I'm not so sure.
  3. That's hilarious. Thank you for the link!
  4. The show I watch the most are: The Big Bang Theory Malcom in The Middle How I met Your Mother House That's 70's Show And I also enjoy watching Degrassi, though I preferred the original episodes over the newer ones. And I mainly watch it now to laugh at the terrible acting, and bad storyline.
  5. LG7526


    Hello everyone! My name is Lauren, and obviously I love the Big Bang Theory. It's definitely my favorite show on television.
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