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  1. Ozzie Fan

    New Series?

    Any new word on whether there is going to be a series five or is it a certainty that season four is the end? Ozzie Fan
  2. Yep your right. And also I now notice that the wall deviates away from the plane of the front door across toward the windows. My Bad !!
  3. And something else! Just watching the latest and I notice there is a door in the wall of the main room to the right of the normal door to the hallway. It is about halfway along the wall. But at the position the door is - it would open onto the stairwell about 8 feet above the stairs. In the stairwell there is no door just at brick wall.
  4. Just been watching the episode mentioned about when Leonard moves in with Sheldon. Yep you were right Leonard's room is at the end of the hall. But then in other episodes the arrangement is different. In the one where Sheldon crawls along the ledge he crawls along a straight section and is outside the window. Then secondly he and Leonard share a common wall in the Nowitsky episode. So with all the info we have uncovered some anomalies in the floor plan. So I guess that means you can make it how ever you like and be right!
  5. It was once downloadable via Frostwire. I don't know if it still is.
  6. There is an anomaly in the layout in the series. In Sheldon's room there is a closet basically beside the door (to the left when walking out of the room). In the episode where Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton visits, Sheldon opens it to show her the emergency survival kit. It is quite deep. In other episodes, eg when Sheldon is sick in series 1, where Leonard is crawling past his room after deploying the sensor, there is a view showing the wall to be essentially in the same plane as the door. The closet has disappeared. SO in your plan you have to somehow have a closet that varies in depth. By the way I agree with the others . Sheldon and Leonard's rooms share a wall and the ledge runs along the outside of both rooms.
  7. Which episode is it out of?
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