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  1. then Leonard could have sex with Priya in Penny's bedroom
  2. "We're just supposed to pretend it's not a big deal?" "That's exactly what we're gonna do..."
  3. @Incognito I agree with you, with one exception: "he was jealous and insecure and he treated the other boys badly" Leonard has never mistreated the guys. He simply reacted when it was provoked, especially about his relationship with Penny (Howard-Raj). And about Sheldon (North Pole), what can I say? Penny vs Sheldon, or better, 3 months at the North Pole (with Sheldon!) vs "the girl of your dreams"... And apart from that, how many times Sheldon has been unbearable and egoist in the past? ; )
  4. "Penny's qualities, both good and bad, are what make her who she is" Leonard, 3x03
  5. I'd like to see Leonard and Penny come back together, but ONLY if the writers "fix" their characters. I don't like the current Penny, and I don't like the current Leonard! Penny has lost much of her sweetness. Since she broke up with Leonard, has become boring and unplesant. And Leonard, THIS Leonard, is a "spineless-Penny-dependent", except in the 4x11, where he returned to be what he was once: a good guy, not the jerk I've seen in the 4x13. What has happened to these guys?
  6. uhm ... let me think .... maybe he needs it to find the right hole
  7. the best episode of season 4 ...but, good God, why Leonard must always take a pylon in the backside?
  8. Sooner or later he will find someone who embraces him
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