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  1. I love everything about the Big Bang theory. I have no idea how it has made such seemingly unlikable characters so lovable. I love the mothers who come on the show, the girlfriends and of course the main characters, not just Sheldon but every one of them. But I think this show could be much more than just a very funny show if it had an episode which questioned the theory of relativity. The scientific community will not do this as it will expose them as not having followed scientific procedure to have let this preposterous theory remain accepted for so long. It is a prime example of the emperor's new clothes where if you don't understand it, it means you're stupid where in fact it just doesn't make sense! A few months ago I was walking down the street minding my own business when the thought occurred to me that time cannot travel at a different rate from one person to another no matter what their relative speeds. This was contrary to the theory of relativity, developed by the famous Albert Einstein, which I had always believed to be true because that is what we had been told. I started to investigate this theory. From what I can gather, the first time it was even claimed to have been proven experimentally was in the 1970's, several decades after it had been formulated. This goes against scientific principle as no theory should be accepted before being proven. One experiment done in the 1970's used atomic clocks. However, no-one can tell me how they managed to synchronise these clocks at a nanosecond level, I feat I believe impossible then and unlikely even now to be possible. Imagine a torch shining a beam of light in the direction of a train it is on, travelling at 100km/hour. The torch will gain momentum from the train, but the beam of light emitted from the torch is never actually on the train. It is emitted from the torch. It is not inside the torch or sitting on top of it. It also has no mass so will never gain momentum from the train so no theory of relativity is needed to explain why a person sitting at the side of the track will see the beam of light at "the speed of light". Also, if you imagine two torches 1 km apart pointing towards each other and someone travelling back and forth between these two torches at 1/3 the speed of light, how can you use time dilation to explain the speed of this traveller against 2 different beams of light? The theory of relativity only talked about one beam of light but of course in real life there are countless beams of light. It doesn't actually explain or solve any problem. Time cannot pass slower for someone else than you. It does not make sense. I would love to see an episode with this topic on the show. Alessandra The worst fear of all is the one where what you fear is actually nothing at all.

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