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  1. Gaming forums are the worst sites EVER for flaming. Unless you're part of the elitist circle jerk, anything you type is going to get shot down in the most insulting, Special Olympics way possible - especially if you're a girl who disagrees with the misogynistic, elitist OP. Actually, that's not completely true - the OP is usually a n00b and the real volley of bags-of-flaming-shit are flung by a bunch of elitist ass-pirates who swoop in and hijack the thread to further their own agendas. Just check out this thread for an example: http://www.mgtowforums.com/forums/mens-general-discussion/6516-wtf-empowered-women-video-games-now.html (If you can't access that, check out this write-up with direct quotes on the now infamous thread: http://www.destructoid.com/-wtf-is-with-empowered-women-in-video-games-now--219511.phtml).* What makes the flaming even flame-ier is the mods join in and delete all posts that argue against the OP. :thumbs up: Hateful ignorance at its finest. *Note: MGTOW isn't a gaming forum, but it does have a gaming section.
  2. If you want to go old school with original and traditional definitions, a geek is someone who eats live animals - often a circus performer. A freak. Then the word (d)evolved into a pejorative, meaning a person who is socially inept and often focusses on a particular interest/obsession. Traditionally, the word was never synonymous with intelligence; however, nerd was and is. Only in the today's technological society has 'geek' been elevated, at least when self-referencing. There is no longer a definitive meaning to it, so it's your interpretation of it, really. So, if you want to say that you're referencing to its original (traditional) meaning, then you're either using the definition of a live animal eating freak or a socially awkward person with an eccentric obsession. Etymology's a heartless bitch.
  3. Hmm, I think there's a distinction lacking here. Intelligent women do not automatically equal geeky women. Women like Amy, Bernadette, Stephanie, and Ramona are not geeks - not like the guys. They do not read comic books, play video games, or go to Comic Con or other conventions. They are, however, intelligent. The only two women on the show that show any form of geekiness are Penny and Leslie. I can't speak for the men, but I don't think anyone has a problem with Leslie Winkle. Most want her back. As for Amy, she was boring in the beginning but then developed a personality instead of being Sheldon 2.0.
  4. This episode wasn't bad. The best parts were any scene with Howard and Bernadette yelling like Howard's mum. :D
  5. Incognito


    Bernadette is adorable, but I don't like Howard in a relationship. I miss Howard the sleaze; Howard on the prowl. Don't get me wrong: Howard still has his moments, but I miss Goth!Howard and EyePatch!Howard.
  6. I've never been a huge fan of Bernadette, except that she's cute and sweet. In this episode, though, she was hilarious - as was Amy. Seriously, Amy is stealing everyone's thunder. In the beginning, I disliked this female Sheldon 2.0, and now I would be extremely upset if she left.
  7. Here's a link to Sheldon's OCD calendar on Google Docs. :D
  8. Incognito


    Hmm, I think you can still be intelligent and not 'show it off'. Plus, there's a difference between toning down your vocabulary and encyclopaedic knowledge and - quite frankly - sounding like an idiot...
  9. Thank you. I like to make my own Shenny Puffs. :D Ah, yes, I've read that story before, and that author has her own views of Shenny, which you probably wouldn't agree with. Hehe. But, she's fantastic when it comes to Sheldon and Penny and cosplay. :D I'm participating in the Big Bang Big Bang challenge on LJ, which is basically where participants have to write at least 15K within a certain time frame. Each author gets an artist to create art for his or her story, as well as other aspects, such as creating paylists, assigning betas, etc. My BBBB fic is going to primarily feature Penny and Sheldon (and Raj), but there will be no romance. It's a dark post-apoc - although, there will be no zombies.
  10. Well, it's never intended. Not all of us crazy shippers just arbitrarily decide that we want to ship Shenny for the sake of it. Sometimes we are just drawn in by the initial chemistry - romantic or not. I have no delusions that there will be a Shenny romance on the show, but I enjoy the "idea". I like imagining the possibilities, and I don't need to have it realised because that's what fanfiction is for.
  11. Seinfeld. The characters remained the same. George and Elaine changed jobs a lot, but everyone's personalities were cemented and outside relationships rarely mattered, except for comedic value. The characters never "changed and grew" in the typical sitcom fashion. I find Seinfeld is and always will be an exception to the rule. Never really watched it. I always got the impression from what little I did see, each episode was more like a 25 min comedy sketch. Would that be a fair assumption? It's a show about nothing... Really, it's just about every day situations that are exaggerated for comedic purposes. It's just one of those comedies where you watch it to laugh, not to observe relationships, etc. There are arcs and continuing story lines, but nothing that involves shipping. It's the comedy that began the "water cooler talk".
  12. Seinfeld. The characters remained the same. George and Elaine changed jobs a lot, but everyone's personalities were cemented and outside relationships rarely mattered, except for comedic value. The characters never "changed and grew" in the typical sitcom fashion. I find Seinfeld is and always will be an exception to the rule.
  13. While I'm starting to like Amy more, I feel like the producers brought Amy into the picture to be a replacement Sheldon friend for Penny. I think they wanted to discourage the Shenny shippers this season. That's fine: discourage a romantic relationship between Sheldon and Penny; however, I miss those two interacting - their comedic chemistry. I miss the singing sea shanties together, the prank wars, the dirty looks, the reluctant seeking of each other's advice. And while this episode had the boys working together (on something geeky), I didn't laugh the entire time. I did smile at Sheldon's reminder to Leonard to call Raj after his pilates class. It just feels like season 4 is all about the non-main cast. And it's non-main characters, like Zack, who have stolen the season for me.
  14. Since Priya's a lawyer, she will get him on technicalities - instances that are either not specified or perimeters were augmented or changed without signing back into the contract. For example, the night which was reserved only for Firefly. Has that aspect of the contract been revisited? Or how about their numerous food nights (Thai, pizza, etc.)? Didn't one of the places go out of business? Did they sign back into a new restaurant? Sheldon is great with details, but he is horrible with change. Who knows if he revisited certain aspects of the roommate contract and made Leonard sign again. Those are the areas in which I can see Priya besting Sheldon on.
  15. I assume it's some dude named Zarnecki who hacks into Sheldon's account. I'm just curious if it was AoC or WoW that was hacked into. Probably WoW. Whatever the case may be, even though the "boys" are getting to the bottom of it, it will probably be Penny who saves the day. Sorry, Queen Penelope.
  16. PP Penny is crossing her arms. No N.E.R.T.S for Penny.
  17. I think my winky faces and Power Puff Sheldon and Penny signature help, too... ^_~
  18. Guess that tells us a little something about Incog! =D The male buttons are embarrassingly easy to push. I thought my signature of Power Puff Sheldon and Penny was a dead give-away.
  19. Suit up! I love HIMYM. While Barney is definitely the break out character in this show, I have to say that I love each and every character. I especially love Barney/Marshall comedic moments.
  20. I tend to favour TV series over movies; however, but I will list my top five movies and tv series: Movies 1. Platoon 2. Shawshank Redemption 3. Children of Men 4. LotR (trilogy) 5. Inception TV Series 1. Rome 2. Band of Brothers 3. Deadwood 4. X-Files 5. Firefly
  21. Welcome, Spence. Enjoy the ride.
  22. Anyway, in my opinion, I think Leslie and Wheaton are the best at burning Sheldon, and I miss their presence on the show. I will be made content if there are some Sheldon/Zack moments to come in the near future, though. :D
  23. I think that it's because "The Bat Jar Conjecture" was about Sheldon being Sheldon but not overwhelmingly focusing on just how irritating they can make him. The Bus Pants Utilisation" for example... I did not enjoy that at all, yet it's the same subject. Yeah Leslie is good at putting Sheldon in his place but I don't think she is essential for that Uh ... Okay? I had no idea that my statement of personal preference for Leslie was up for debate.
  24. The "Bat Jar Conjecture" (Physics Bowl episode) was one of my favourite episodes, and there were no Shenny moments. And, while I'm steadily beginning to like Amy (quite a lot, actually), I do miss Sheldon and Penny's comedic moments: arguing, staring each other down, singing soft kitty, etc. The good ol' days... I miss Leslie, too. I hope they bring her back. She's great for burning Dr Dumbass - I mean, Sheldon.
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