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  1. Roger Dat! Moonbase and Bazinga_73! It is Sheldon's decision. I don't know why we're worried about that. Did you see Leonard? You know he was "Mad-Cow" jealous of Sheldon laying there, while Amy scanned him dressed as Spock. "I'm in hell, Leonard." says Sheldon looking towards his room mate. "Don't stop!" Sheldon says looking directly at Amy. The motive borne here is Sheldon's as perceived by Leonard. Was Sheldon just playing everyone? Not even just a little? I agree, unless something radical happens, Amy and Sheldon won't engage and make it so until the end of next season. that won't stop it from being part of the cliffhanger.
  2. Here's the juice - Has anyone noticed Penny hasn't been changing her hair? She changed her hair every episode until the last three (or four?). Kaley is a dream I never mind having. The show is trying to get Sheldon and Amy into a Niles and Daphne kind of light. It's gonna take finesse and that's starts with Penny becoming not so always hot. Not to worry my "Ross and Rachel" type fans. It will always be about Penny simply because without her it's just "The Big Theory". Cuz Kaley Be Da Bomb!
  3. As I started this thread, I feel it not only necessary but an obligation (thank you all very much) to explain where we are right now. I suggested in this thread back in March that Sheldon and Amy would get together in the 'season-ending cliffhanger' end of season episode. I said Amy would trick him with 'social convention'. So, Amy is now tricking Sheldon into bed with 'social convention'. The show's writers have done a wonderful job setting up the 'cliffhanger'. (garsh, didn't see that coming) And a bonus rocket! Will Howard ride the rocket. Will Sheldon's work? find out next season. or Will both rockets launch or go limp on the pad? Will Howard and Sheldon both lift off? or if not both, with one will? that's the juice
  4. They should have their own comic book. if not only for the obvious reasons THBBT!!! I can see Sheldon tying Penny to the train tracks on the cover of the first issue you could even have the actors go on tour like Star Trek actors etc... dressed as their comic book character. could be epic
  5. I never said it wouldn't be Sheldon's decision. Sheldon is already attracted to Amy, we know this from when he flicked Leonard, and so stated her off-limits status. There's nothing evil about their encounter. Unless they have a child. (as Howard has stated, maybe the future will frown upon them allowing Shamy to procreate, etc...) Now you bring in Sheldon's mother, toting her bazooka-bible. and have Amy deal with her. that could be hilarious.
  6. Howard knows how to manipulate Sheldon. In the first scene, Howard tells Penny the 'right' words to say to Sheldon, so he will do what the group wants. Penny takes this strategy as an idea and informs Amy. The next time Amy has Sheldon alone, she propositions him. Sheldon issues a counter offer. Amy, using an almost evil dead-pan, explains to Sheldon why he must give in to her sexual advances. Sheldon is unable to deny the argument and the two head off to the bedroom. End Season. New Season begins, and Penny asks Amy over to gossip about her hook-up with Sheldon. They get the glasses out and the wine is being poured. Bernadette is there. "So, Amy tell us about Sheldon, dish." says Penny "You know how Sheldon's favorite super hero is, "The Flash"?" asks Amy "Right" says Berny and Penny. "Yep". Total deadpan Amy. Break to the series song.
  7. gift wrapping - liquored up females of the nailable- pink-bunny persuasion. Penny gift wrapped Raj
  8. Looks like I wrote the season ending episode to me, back in February.
  9. is a quote from what i wrote in feb. it's just cheaper to toot your own horn either i predicted Penny and Raj or it was too good of an idea to pass up. See you on Chuck's next vanity card (censored)
  10. Chuck Lorre and his gang are priceless. However, those unfamiliar with probable outcome equations may find coincidences in TBBT and previous sitcoms. Howard and his mother yell all the time. George and his parents yelled all the time. Penny and Leonard behave a lot like; Sam and Diane, Niles and Daphne, Ross and Rachel. Pria behaves like Emily and we all came to hate Emily. Pria and Emily both speak with roughly the same accent. Essentially the show seems to be evolving into a Friends. I love the show, but I think the writers could do better.
  11. I thought Bernadette and Howard got together because of their mothers. Bernadette surprise at Howard's attachment to his mother doesn't fly. Anyone else notice how happy Amy was when she went to 'console' Penny? Amy didn't give a crap about Penny. Pria has already told Leonard a relationship is impossible because of her parents. So it's just temporary. Raj needs to get back at Leonard for doing his sister. The obvious thing to do is Penny. However, probably the best episode in some time.
  12. I noticed the missing safety equipment, but never even gave a second thought to how a character like Sheldon would feel about it. Obviously the items had been removed by design. Well done. Well done, indeed. Sheldon would not ride in such an unsafe vehicle without a speech explaining why the safety devices are necessary and a thorough history of the devices themselves.
  13. Great Concept. What if Sheldon was home alone and asked to baby sit a small child (age is up for debate). Sheldon must under dire circumstance, play the role of a hero. There isn't anyone else the mother can turn to. We need Sheldon to be alone or at least find the child, because this will put him in charge. If Sheldon isn't in charge, his character won't be able to be a Super Hero, his hero, THE hero - The Flash!!! So, everyone else arrives at the apartment as different times, only to find The Flash babysitting. I think each cast member would then join in and dress as their favorite Super Heroes, once determining Sheldon hasn't traded places with another Sheldon from an "alternate dimension" Sheldon. Just a thought, It's basically still your episode idea. Hope you don't mind, not trying to step on toes. and near the end of the episode, show a view from the child's point of view. They could vote on what super hero the child should be.
  14. It's almost as though the 'bang' in "The big bang theory", has taken on a different meaning. We first meet Sheldon and Leonard moments prior to getting lucky with a cup. We meet Howard the hard-on and Raj the recluse. The point is, none of them are getting any action, and for good reason. Now days, even Sheldon would be getting laid. Leonard is getting more action than a frat bro. Howard has a hottie (although very psychotic) in Bernadette. Only Raj has remained pretty much the same, although if not for Howard, would have scored with Summer in the Terminator Decoupling episode. it has become friends.
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