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  1. penny needs to get a acting job (space show or science show that requires help from sheldon and the guys) may be meet george lucas (any one from Star wars) and get cast for a new sci fi show....(cuz she iz pretty)...she realize that she knows dick about sci fi and needs the boys to help. you can have a real fake sci fi show online for big bang fans to watch (viral like SNL) short show 10 min like the flash gordon cliff hangers.....this will suck penny more into the geek world.....episodes at the comic store where she is a god!!! the mall she have to do a meet and greet, comic-con, even lenard getting mad cuz penny is invadeing geek world. raj needs a woman! one who talks so much she does not even realize that raj can't talk to her.....how bout pennys sister from 8 simple rules show (the red head) raj will be cool cuz he does not need to talk....for awhile till he tries to get rid of her then wants her back!!!!!
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